Currently prohibit licensing rights record label artists of installing full-length music videos on Facebook. But this is coming to an end.

Facebook is ready to launch video Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi streaming music on the platform of August 2020 in the United States as a direct challenge to YouTube giant today.

It is reported by Bloomberg in December 2019 that Facebook is in discussions with Universal, Sony and Warner on video music publishing rights in the platform. Previous all artists under contract with major music labels in the US may not share full-length music videos on Facebook. All they can share is a short clip from the video.

All that is set to change now. Every US person will now be able to see the full music video on Facebook.

all music / artist owner and admin pages have been informed about this. The only thing to do is to switch ‘on’ toggle in the settings to add their music videos on or before August 1 after the date of enactment Facebook will automatically create a video artist page if no action has been taken.

The artists do not need to manually upload their videos or link. Facebook will control the page and with the artists give permission to allow Facebook to add music video on their page to be easily found by a fan under the video tab. Once activated, the artists will have the right to remove videos at any time and to edit the text automatically generated, including a title, description, tags, and thumbnails.

This new feature Facebook is a direct challenge to YouTube
With more than 2 billion monthly visitors and more than 500 hours of video uploaded every minute YouTube dominates online video worldwide. Most watched videos on YouTube is of a super star artists and musicians.

YouTube has become the ‘go’ place for all music lovers for many years now. In addition to the official video is also a place for mashup song, best album, and the coolest cover. Facebook may not be able to take the experience of this multi-level, but of course will be offered with a choice audience. And with many people checking Facebook pages of their favorite artists on a regular basis, this feature, where they can also watch music videos as a whole will only be an added attraction.

Adding music videos Watch the Facebook platform will add extra appeal to Facebook as a destination for video, while presenting an online music company with a new distributor and challenging the supremacy YouTube.

YouTube generated $ 15 billion in 2019 and added to about 10 percent for all of Google’s revenue.
YouTube currently has 2 billion monthly users to 15 percent that of the US.
Streaming services should pay more than $ 3 billion for the music industry in 2019.
YouTube has more than 20 million Top 10 Digital Marketing Company in Delhi customers throughout its Premium (ad-free YouTube) and Music Premium offerings, and more than 2 million subscribers of pay-TV services.
Facebook has more than 2.60 billion monthly active users globally when Instagram reached more than one billion users.

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