Along with being one of the most popular social networking websites, Facebook is a great place for online advertising and digital marketing. But what if I told you that you can make money?Yes, there are ways through which you can earn money. Keep reading to find out how.

Whether you want to increase your consumer base, or want to sell your products across the globe—Facebook is the place. In fact, many small businesses have scaled up their operations through marketing and advertising. Another big factor why Facebook remains one of the favourite social media marketing tools is because it’s highly cost effective.

But along with being an excellent digital marketing and advertising channel, Facebook has more to offer. There are a number of ways that can help you earn money using Facebook.


How to earn money using Facebook?

Sell stuffs on Facebook

Have barely worn coats that don’t fit you anymore? Or have showpieces that don’t go with your new interior? You can sell it all on Facebook Marketplace. It works like one flea market and many people sell and purchase used items here. So, climb up your attic stairs and put your stock together.

The other option requires a little investment but many people are making real cash this way. If you find the right product and resell, you can bag good profits. For your desired goods, you can find many online vendors on platforms like AliBaba and AliExpress that sell goods at a wholesale price. However, there are a few things to keep in mind-

~ Don’t sell products just because you like it. Do a proper market research and settle for only those products that people will like.

~ Though you can always experiment but it apparently involves some risk. Choose a product that solves a unique problem.

~ Replicated ads of famous players in the industry

~ Be patient. Don’t expect high profits in the first go.

Sell services on Facebook

Another way of earning through Facebook is by selling services. And by services, I do not mean only digital services but also real services like cleaning, babysitting etc. You can also sell services like graphic designing, content writing, etc. Wondering how to go about it? Here is how-

~ Find groups relevant to your interest. Observe your competitors’ ads and create a unique ad for your services. Post your ads and you’ll be good to go.

~ You can also sort to Facebook’s paid ads. Of course, it requires some monetary investment but it quite cheaper than other modes of online marketing.

Earn money on Facebook through affiliate marketing

Many affiliates sort to Facebook for affiliate marketing. As I have said already, Facebook is not more just a social networking site. Many people come to Facebook to buy products. If you have a good reach on Facebook, i.e., if you have a great number of followers on your Facebook page and your engagement rate is high, you can capitalise on it. Think about a product that you genuinely like and enjoy using. Approach the company producing that product and become its affiliate. Before starting with affiliate marketing, bear the following in mind-

  • Make sure you understand the basics of affiliate marketing.
  • Market only that product which you genuinely like.
  • Don’t go for too many products at once.
  • Keep your page regularly updated.
  • Target relevant group but don’t spam too much or else admins will remove you from the group.

Make money through Facebook page

Earning money through Facebook pages has become quite a common practice now. You can also earn money using Facebook page through following ways-

~ Many advertisers seek pages with a large following to post their ads. If you maintain a page that has a great Facebook reach, advertisers might be interested in your page and will pay you for posting their ads.

~ This one takes time and commitment. If you have a Facebook page that has a lot of likes and a great reach, you can directly sell you’re the page itself. Apparently, it requires investing time and great efforts. Better the reach, more the price you get for your page.


Social networking website but now it has also become a great channel for business and trading. By using Facebook in the ways as mentioned above, you can earn some extra money. In fact, for many, Facebook is the main source of income. Therefore, if you put it to use smartly, you can turn big gains for yourself. Leave a comment and let us know how you liked this article. Stay connected to us and learn more about the digital world.

Somya Sharma : Regardless of being a Delhi University graduate with a major in English Literature, Somya's interests are not limited to poetry and drama. As a person who loves researching, discussing and writing about topics rooted in various disciplines, the list of subjects that tickle her fancy is ever-growing. She finds the power of psychology in marketing particularly intriguing and has set out writing blogs with the aim of helping budding marketers polish-up.