Small businesses have unique marketing needs and a limited budget. Thus, it becomes all the more important to make sure that every penny spent on marketing yields higher ROI. If you’re looking for a way to step up your digital marketing game with a small budget, email marketing is for you.

Email marketing it still favoured by business organizations because it continues to be highly effective. It is one digital marketing strategy that has stormed the weather of the ever-changing business world. If you haven’t turned to for your small business yet, it’s time that you should.

To name a few benefits of email marketing—it’s affordable, helps reach customers in real time, allows better targeting, and adds to credibility of your business. Thus, email marketing can help catapult your small business to higher levels.

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How email marketing can be beneficial for small businesses

It’s pennyworth

Okay, we’ve been through this one but seriously, email marketing is very cost effective. Any cost that is there in email marketing is in buying the software to automate sending thousand emails at once. Just by paying a small price, you can take your internet marketing to another level. This is one of the key reasons why email marketing is highly suitable for small businesses.

Keep in touch with your audience

People who subscribe to your emails are apparently interested in your business. These people are either your customers or prospects. Send them emails to keep the communication going. This will push your prospects closer to the buying decision and help you re-convert your old customers into buyers. Therefore, keep popping up in your subscribers’ email inbox with interesting information and news.

Improve your conversion rate

If done right, email marketing can impact your conversion funnel in a positive way. Most of the people access their email accounts on their mobile phones. Hence, by sending emails to your audience, you can reach them in real-time. People tend to take emails more seriously. Thus, with well-designed emails, you can invoke instant action and therefore improve your conversion rate.

Make your business appear more credible

In order to gain and maintain a customer, it is crucial that he/she trusts your brand. By sending emails to your customers and leads with a standard email address and email signature, you can help your business appear more authentic and credible. This will help you maintain your current customer and turn your leads into new ones.

Make your customers feel special

For your consumers and prospects, there must be numerous businesses available that can substitute yours. Thus, it is important you make them know how your company values them. Use emails to inform them about your upcoming sales or offers, give them personal discounts. Employing phrases like “Hi <name>, how are you doing?”, “Here’s a special offer for you” etc. will help you address them personally and make your customers feel special.

After purchase care

The purpose of marketing is not merely to convert a prospect into buyer and make the purchase happen. Along with searching for new customers, it is important to make sure that your existing customers keep buying from you. Through email marketing, you can ensure that your customers buy from you again. Thank them for choosing your brand. Keep updating them with information they might be interested in. Send them discount coupons. Tell them about new offers. Thus, through email marketing, you can make your customers stick to you.


Email marketing is a cost effective, high yielding digital marketing technique. Therefore, it can help trigger small business as such businesses usually have a small budget and special needs. You can keep in touch with your audience, improve your conversion rates, establish your business’s credibility, make your customers feel special and give them after purchase services. Furthermore, email marketing is pocket friendly.

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