Social visibility is unarguably a crucial aspect of digital marketing and SEO. But if you’re still unsure regarding the future of Social Media Marketing in India, This one’s for you. was recognized as the first social networking website and since then, the number of such websites has only multiplied. From teenagers to older people, everyone is on social media. This makes such platforms an excellent medium for online marketing.

With the ease of access to internet and mobile phones, there’s been an increasing development in the number of Indian social media users. For the same reason, Indian market has also witnessed the mushrooming of ‘digital’ buyers. And as the stats has it, this trend is going to be a norm. This given, many small business are now turning to social media marketing.

So yes, social media marketing has a solid future in India. Not convinced? Read along.

Social Media Marketing

Why Social Media Marketing has Solid Future in India?

Easy access to internet

There’s been a tremendous growth in the number of internet users globally. About 4.66 billion people have access to internet and over 3.81 billion of them are using social media. This trend is fairly corresponded by Indian population. The world’s at social media, and so is India. Thus, for your Indian customers, you should definitely turn to social media marketing.

Better targeting

Social media marketing helps you target your audience better. There are different social media platforms of people with different demographics. E.g. if you want to target Gen-Z for your products, you can go for Snapchat or Instagram while for B2B marketing, LinkedIn is the most preferable option. Along with this, these platforms provide you with search filters that can help target audience on finer levels.

Cost effective

Many small and medium businesses are turning to social media marketing as it yields high ROI at lesser costs. All you need to do is set up social media account/page for your business and you’ll be good to go. For the better results, you can outsource social media marketing services from some of the best digital agencies in India.

Increase in inbound traffic

If your business has no representation on social media, this means that your reach stays limited to your existing customers and those who somehow stumble upon your website through Google search (or paid ads). Thus, it is important for your business to have a social media account/page so that your potential customers can better find you.

Increased credibility

Unfortunately, there are many websites out there who pose to be genuine business organizations and scam money from people without fulfilling their end of the deal. This being the reason, Indian customer needs more information about your business than what your website can give. When researching for a business, consumers are likely to search it up on social media. This helps them find out how your business interacts with its audience and what your customers have to say about your goods and services.

Improved search engine optimization

Marketers give particular attention to social visibility because it’s one factor influencing your Google ranking. Thus, when doing SEO for your business, it is important to make sure that you have a higher social visibility. This can be ensured by adding social media icons to your website, properly filling your bio, regularly posting quality content on the right time, leading groups on social media, and so on. Moreover, how you manage your social accounts can also determine which organizations want to link to you. Thus, through effectively practising social media marketing, you can improve your Google ranking.


A strong social media presence is imperative for every online business. And in a populous country like India where almost every other person uses social media, social media marketing becomes all the more important. Thus in India, the importance of social media as a marketing tool is only bound to increase in future.

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