LinkedIn is factually the best social media platform for businesses. This is so for a variety of reasons. By creating a business account on LinkedIn Marketing and using it the right way, you can help your business gain more credibility, build meaningful networks and get the best talent available for recruitment. If your business is not on LinkedIn yet— what are you doing!

Apart from many benefits that your company can get from LinkedIn, it is a great social media marketing tool. But then, that all depends on how you use it. You will find many business owners for whom LinkedIn marketing didn’t work out as good. Well, having a LinkedIn business page and posting once a while can’t get you anywhere. You have to make it work out with commitment and dedication.

If your business is new to LinkedIn or you are not able to generate leads with your current LinkedIn marketing strategy, this article is for you.

LinkedIn Marketing

5 effective and efficient ways to go with LinkedIn marketing

1.   Post high quality content

You might be following everything right– regularly refreshing your page, posting content charged with keywords, using LinkedIn advertisement and visibility solutions– but you might still not be able to drive enough traffic on your website or your conversion rate might not be corresponding with your efforts. In that case, it is highly possible that the content you are posting is not able to engage the audience. Here are a few tips that can help-

  • Create catchy headlines and captions.
  • Keep your page updated with a proper proportion of written text and visual media.
  • Posting long articles is discouraged. Instead, post an interesting excerpt from the concerned article along with the link to it.

2.   Use LinkedIn’s search filters effectively

LinkedIn can be particularly beneficial for B2B marketing. Hence, it is crucial to target the right persons. With LinkedIn’s improved search filters, you can find people based on their location, the company they work/have worked in, mutual connections etc. This will help you reach and personally approach people holding important positions in your industry. And we all know what it’s like in the business world– one right contact can change everything.

3.   Use LinkedIn’s InMail

Having established the fact that a right contact can be highly beneficial for your marketing and overall business, it is crucial to have a medium to connect with them personally. With InMail, you can get in touch with relevant people personally. And as the stats go, it will increase your chances at getting reverted back because InMail is said to have a higher response rate. However, InMail is a paid feature but what you pay is all worth it for all you can get out of it.

4.   LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn group is an amazing marketing tool. Through this, you can connect with the like minded people, influencers and successful players in your industry and create many more useful links. Moreover, it can help you conduct necessary marketing research for your business and gain enriching insights and knowledge from the successful business owners and marketers in your industry.

Moreover, you can create your own LinkedIn group and come across as a leader in your industry. The better your group does the better will it be for your social and professional image. Thus, make sure to keep your group updated regularly with relevant content.

5.   LinkedIn sales solutions

LinkedIn sales solutions have greatly improved and have been proven really beneficial in marketing and lead generation. However, LinkedIn requires you to pay for its sales solutions. But again, it is totally worth it for how it can benefit your social visibility and digital marketing.


LinkedIn is a great digital marketing tool and also greatly undermined and under-used. Make sure you don’t end up making the same mistake. With serious dedication and effective use of its tools and features, you can step up your digital marketing agency and stand out in your industry.

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