Google Photos has rolled out a new photo editor on Android which is said to make photo editing a lot easier. Along with an improved photo editor, Google is also integrating machine learning with it to power its smart suggestions feature.

Here’s everything to know about its new developments.

What has exactly changed?

Google Photos has already been providing helpful editing features and suggestions like brightening, rotating or archiving etc. With this new editor rolling out, now you can-

  • Access easy to use granular adjustments
  • Get smart editing suggestions

This implies that Google Photos editor’s User Interface (UI) is simplified so much that now you can edit photos at finer levels with a lot more ease. Along with that, Google’s machine learning will help you pick the best editing options by providing you with different editing suggestions for brightness, contrast and portrait effects.These suggestions will be tailored depending upon the image you’d be editing.

Google Photos

Why have these improvements in the Google Photo editor rolled out?

It’s a well known fact that from over half of the past decade, Google has been specifically dedicated to improving the experience of its mobile users. Seemingly, this new development has been made keeping the same in mind. Over the past few years, many software applications have come up that have made photo editing extremely simple. To keep up with the pace, Google has also been improving its photo editing tool.

In 2016, Google discontinued Picasa and integrated its photo editing services with Google Photos. Since then, Google Photos has been the single Google powered photo storage, organizer and editing platform. This was done so that users can store, organize, manage and edit their photos on a single platform seamlessly across mobile and the web.

How are these developments useful for users?

Google rolled out these improvements so that its users can make the most out of their photos. While there are similar photo editing software applications available, Google Photo editor is by far much more user friendly. Due to its simplified layout, now you can easily locate editing tools and apply granular adjustments like brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth and more. With the new improved Google Photos editor, it’s easier than ever to scroll through options to find desired tools and discover more.

What’s more?

Google has also announced the launch Portrait Light feature for Pixel 4a (5G) and Pixel 5 mobile phones. This feature uses machine learning to improve the lighting on faces in portraits. This is applicable even on the pictures not clicked using portrait mode. Moreover, editing is possible both automatically and manually. While this feature is specifically rolled out to beautify portraits, you can also use it for other types of pictures.

Why do you need to know this?

Google keeps rolling out new updates for its various tools. To make sure that you make the best out of these tools, it’s important that you are through with these constant updates. Especially if you belong to the online market, staying updated on the recent developments is imperative to keep your digital marketing fine-tuned.

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