Affiliate marketing is no more a passive marketing technique. It has turned into a popular tactic to generate leads and drive sales. And if we look at the stats, affiliate marketing prevalence is only going to increase in future.

A person who earns commission for marketing another person’s or company’s goods or services is known as affiliate and this whole process is known as affiliate marketing. Affiliates simply find out a product they like, then they promote it and earn a slice from each sale made through them. An affiliate would promote such a product on his/her website and link it to the product page where purchase can be made. When practised right, affiliate marketing can drive great profits.

Just like everyone else, affiliate marketers are prone to make mistakes. While making mistakes is inevitable, one can at least be cautious. Given so, we have put together a list of common mistakes that affiliate marketers make.

affiliate marketing

Don’ts of affiliate marketing

Promoting the wrong product

Driven by the prospect of earning more profit, many affiliates end up making this mistake. Promoting a product or service that is not in your niche just because it is prominent or can help you earn more dough is something you should avoid. Believe it, you can’t give your 100% in marketing a product that doesn’t excite you. Thus, you should only go for marketing products that you genuinely like and enjoy.

Promoting too many products

This is another common mistake many newbies make. Spreading yourself too thin in affiliate marketing can leave you with disappointing outcomes. When you promote too many products, your mind is always distracted and as a result, you will not be able to give due focus to even a single product. Not to mention the extra time and energy you’d have to spend in promoting so many products. As a result, you end up exhausted with low returns. To avoid this from happening, be reserved when selecting products to market. Select only a couple of excellent products and give each particular attention.

A low-grade website

A nice shopping environment and experience can escalate conversion and the opposite can cause vice versa. A poor website translates to higher bounce rate and ultimately lower visibility. In fact, it can be detrimental not only in the short run but in the long term as well because most of the customers you lose will be lost forever (even after you improve). Thus, it is important to deal with your website issues on a priority basis. Make sure your website is responsive, mobile friendly, engaging, equipped with effective CTA buttons, serves high quality content and ensures positive shopping experience and environment.

Poor or outdated content

Having talked about the importance of a quality website, now let’s talk about one key element of any website, i.e. content. Not updating websites with quality content is another commonly made mistake. Business world is highly dynamic and this calls for the need of staying constantly updated. If you don’t provide quality content or don’t refresh your website regularly with new content, not only will you lose visitors but Google will further bring down your visibility. Thus, it is important to make sure that you keep posting fresh and quality content routinely.

Not checking your performance

The purpose of all efforts will be lost if you don’t track your performance and try to improve. This is another very commonly made mistake in affiliate marketing. It’s as simple as that– if you’re not keeping a constant track of your performance, you can’t improve. This is one fundamental aspect of digital marketing. Ensure that you are not committing the same mistake. Use tools like Google Analytics, Amplitude or whichever you find more suitable to keep tabs on your website’s performance. This will help you identify problems areas and optimize your website for better yields.

Wrapping up

Like any other branch of digital marketing Agency in Delhi, affiliate marketing is also prone to mistakes. With the above ‘to not to do’ list, you can keep from making some common affiliate marketing mistakes and secure better returns in affiliate marketing.

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