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Author: Sophie Griffiths
Creative & Social Media Intern

Time for Takeover Intern! During my placement I will do some digital takeover on online Climb to show what became an apprentice in one of the institutions of the fastest growing digital is like.

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This blog post will explain my thoughts on the business as a whole and also how it feels to be an intern here, I’ll give you the behind the scenes scoop, so stay tuned … This week was my first week of work experience in the climb online and I must say the week Last has been incredible!

through GIPHY

Before heading to the office on my first day, I had mixed emotions, both excitement and nervousness, I do not know what to expect. However, after I went to the office that has all changed, anxiety swept away, because they feel welcomed and reassured by our team of the group of outstanding and talented.

My morning commute!

Monday morning MEETING
After meeting everyone, I was then invited to the Monday Morning Meeting, motivation sessions, which gave me a sense of meaning and warmth to be able to work with this team for 6 weeks. After settling in, I was given an array of tasks given to me by a team of social media, because they enjoy the creative side of digital marketing. With tasks, they have helped me to develop my skills and learn new ones, which have expanded my knowledge to the type of area in digital marketing.

WORKING shadowing
By just being with the company for a small amount of time, I have enjoyed every minute of it. I have had the opportunity to shadow people in the social media team, and be able to create different projects and collaborative pieces with related team in office. My favorite part of working in a company is to be part of a professional working environment and friendly and see the process that each team passes to make the final result, which has inspired me to be able to expand my knowledge in digital marketing.

I have been given training on Photoshop, led by Sophia Evans, Head of Branding & Design and Christen Brown, Social and Creative Executive, and be able to design and create a logo for the ‘Internal Takeover’ and create content for the Ascent online social media channels, I have found very beautiful and pleasant. Here are some of the training I experienced the following:

The task I have enjoyed the most would create a variety of stickers, for takeover intern who helped me to see what makes a good draw sticker for a professional website. But the task is difficult because doing new to Photoshop, but the team was happy to help, which has made me feel more confident in this new environment.

I’m happy with my progress so far and I can not want to learn more about this company and the overall digital marketing within the next 5 weeks! To follow my make sure you follow the Digital Marketing Company in Bath trip online Climb on social media and I’ll be sure to update the post!

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