Studies have found remote workers more productive, healthy and enjoy a work-life balance more Digital Marketing Agencies in Southampton positive. Benefits for workers and business alike drive a workplace revolution – which is projected to see 50% of the UK workforce works remotely to a certain extent in 2020.

Many studies have been done on the remote work in recent years, the list of benefits for all involved. remote workers have been found to take fewer days off sick, stay motivated for a longer stay in their jobs for longer and prioritize their freedom on a wage increase (saving travel costs and other expenses helps in this regard, too).

Remote voice work as the business revolution we all need but it’s not something you can just switch to and hope for the best. As with anything, there are disadvantages to working remotely and a number of challenges to overcome, too. Fortunately, there are strategies work and the tools every business can be used to overcome this problem and enjoy the full benefits of teleworking has bid.

To demonstrate this in this article, we’re looking at 10 the challenge of working remotely and how to overcome them.

Challenges of remote working

Although all the facilities remote workers enjoy, there are a number of challenges arising from working outside the office. According to The 2019 State Buffer Remote Work report, the most common problem that remote workers have a repeal after work – issue 22% of respondents said they experience.

Loneliness is a problem the second most common (19%) and collaboration (17%), disturbance in the home (10%), time zone (8%) and motivated (8%) are all issues that affect remote workers and their companies work for.

Meanwhile, a separate study conducted by Hubstaff find the biggest challenges for businesses with remote teams include communication, scheduling, tracking performance and constraints the language / culture. Another challenge mentioned was to build and maintain trust between remote team members – a problem cited in several other reports, including this section is published by Workana.

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What we are looking at in this article?

In this article, we will look at ten of the most common challenges of remote working and solutions to overcome them. It is based on the challenges that we experienced here in Venture Harbor, my own experience as remote workers and the challenges contained in the various studies on teleworking.

We will break these challenges into two categories: a challenge for remote teams and challenge for individual remote workers.

The challenge for remote teams:

manage projects

remote collaboration

assignment and tracking productivity

Working from a different location, time zone, etc.

Dealing with language and cultural differences

Building / maintaining trust

Challenges for remote workers:

maximize productivity

Overcoming distractions

stay motivated

Revoking after work

I will also provide a solution to this problem, based on the methods we have used here in Venture Harbor and scientific studies related to remote working and productivity.

teleworking challenge for the team

First, we start with the most common challenges of remote work for the team. This is a remote teams often experience problems in terms of working together effectively from different locations and the team manager the challenge of trying to get the best out of everyone.

# 1: Manage projects

Starting right at the top, the biggest challenge to work remotely managing a project when your team is spread across multiple locations. Whether it’s a mix of home and remote staff Digital Marketing Companies in Southampton or the entire team of remote workers, managers are responsible for ensuring deadlines are met and targets are hit.

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