First Artificial Intelligence program was developed in 1955 and it has now swayed about every possible field. The digital world is constantly evolving. Therefore, the world witnesses new technological advancements every year. This being said, we have put together a list of some artificial intelligence predictions for the coming year 2021.

Artificial Intelligence, as the name implies, is the technology that can replicate human intelligence. Hardware and software equipped with artificial intelligence can learn, think, act and solve problems on its own.

Commerce is one of the domains most affected by AI advancements. More and more online businesses are now relying on AI for many of their operations. One popular example is integration of Chabot in websites. Thus, to stay competent in the digital market, being up to date with AI developments is crucial. Read further to find out what 2021 has in store with regards to AI.

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7 predictions for artificial intelligence in 2021

Conversational AI becoming more common

Chatbots have existed for quite a while now. And even more businesses are integrating chatbots in their websites. There are a number of reasons why businesses are turning to conversational AI.

Chatbots save customer care service costs. Buying an AI conversational software costs way lesser than hiring executives for inbound and outbound calling.

Employing conversational AI has resulted in better customer experience as it improves responsiveness and personalization. Chatbots are equipped with natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning. This helps them communicate in a near human-like manner. Thus, conversational AI leads to better customer service automation.

Artificial Intelligence will be expanding its scope

This prediction is not only for 2021. Artificial Intelligence is going to become increasingly mainstream in the years to come. Well, it isn’t very hard to guess given the growth pattern of AI over the last years. AI is the future. If you’re looking to stay competent in 2021 business world, it crucial you make AI a part of your digital marketing and other business operations.

Voice driven Artificial Intelligence

As pandemic driven lockdown lead to increase in remote working, there’s been a rise in adoption of NLP and Automated Speech Recognition. This is specifically true for customer contact centres. As per ISG, a leading global technology research and advisory firm, very less customer contacts are checked for quality and agent feedback. The lack of one-to-one guidance in remote working will lead to enterprises adopting AI.

Cloud and AI become synergetic

As more and more companies will integrate artificial intelligence in their system, there will apparently be a greater need for cloud solutions. This is because deployment of artificial intelligence will lead to vast amounts of data. To manage and monitor this data, enterprises will also need cloud resources.

More focus on AI ethics and standards

Earlier, developers were not much concerned about ethical impacts of AI. However now, as value-based consumers and employees are expecting companies to be more responsible while using AI technology, this has called for the need to focus on AI ethics and standards. Thus, data ethics and value based data handling practices is going to be one key trend in AI for the years to come.

Prevalence of AI-driven decision making

Due to Covid-19, enterprises have seen huge losses all over the world. To cope up with this, more and more businesses are now looking for smart, timely, and AI-driven decision making. Moreover, to ensure higher accuracy, enterprises are increasingly relying on AI. Thus, the number of businesses investing in AI for decision making and forecasting is going to see a rise in 2021.

Rise in automated detection and prevention

AI is not going to be limited to backend processes. 2021 and later years are going to see a rise in automated detection and prevention. For example, AI equipped drones are deployed at many places to ensure the compliance of social distancing. This is just one example. AI is being actively used for crime prevention both in cyberspace and real world.


Since Artificial Intelligence came into existence, it has only seen evolution and improvement. The predictions of AI in 2021 boils down to one thing—reliance on AI is only going to increase in all sectors. So, try to optimize your digital marketing and other business operation with AI integration and stay ahead in 2021.

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