Content is the king!

This must not sound very unheard of. Content is considered the king of digital marketing. It is like a building block of marketing. Even while doing SEO, content gets special attention because it majorly influences your Google rankings.

Generate leads

What is content and why is it important?

Written text, graphics, images, videos, audios, presentations, animations and more— content can be anything. It is only through content that you communicate your message to your audience and educate them about your brand. Pick anything– from online advertisement to social media marketing, email marketing, SEO– and none of this is possible without content.

The ultimate goal of digital marketing is to enhance your sales funnel and increase your conversion rate. And content being at the foundation of it, if you improve your content, you can improve your whole digital marketing plan and generate leads better. Thus, in this article, we’re going to talk about-

How content can help you generate leads

# Content familiarises consumers with the brand

Apparently, if consumers don’t know about your business, they can’t buy from you. Content helps create that basic link by informing consumers about your brand. Only through content you can tell your audience about your industry, business, what your origin is, what you provide and so on.

While introducing a product to the consumers, it is crucial to make them understand why they need it, what are the benefits of your offerings and why they should buy it. With the help of quality content, you can communicate all this to your audience effectively and thus generate leads better.

Educational content like the following can be really helpful in generating leads-

> blog posts,

> product pages,

> your home page,

> your company’s ‘about’ pages

> tutorials,

> reviews,

…and other content that can help customers understand your product and services enough to make buying decisions.

For instance, if you own an SEO agency in Mumbai, you may have a page on your website called “What is SEO?” to educate your audience about the importance of SEO. This will help your visitors understand how important it is to have SEO services for their business and how your agency can fill that gap. And hence, you will be able to generate leads better.

# It plays key role in Google ranking

Google takes content very very seriously. If you provide superior quality content, you enjoy higher Google rankings. Your content is responsible for how long a user stays on your web page, whether he/she further interacts with your website. This further determines your dwell time and bounce rate. Having a lower bounce rate and a higher dwell times help ranking your business higher.

To make sure that you have a content engaging enough to make your visitors further interact with your website-

> Keep a conversational tone in written text.

> Keep it crisp and precise.

> Add relevant media types to make it more interesting.

Other important things to keep in mind while creating content for search engine optimization is-

> Use relevant keywords

> Use Call To Action buttons

By doing this, you will be able to sustain your audience’s attention which will help increase your dwell time and decrease bounce rate— and further improve your Google ranking.

# Content is crucial for earning backlinks

When a website includes the link to your website in its content, it means you get a backlink from them. Earning a backlink from a reputable website means that they like your content, find it good and credible enough to refer it to their visitors. Google also notices this and gives you a ranking boost if you have good backlinks.

Having a backlink is impossible in the absence of quality content. Optimize your content with relevant keywords so that you get a higher ranking which will further help you earn backlinks. The thing to avoid is using spammy keywords or else you may end up getting backlinks from spammy websites. Having backlinks from such shady websites can put an adverse effect on your Google ranking as Google may associate you with such websites and think yours is also a spam site.

Content, backlinks and Google ranking have a direct relationship. Quality content helps earn quality backlinks and ranking boost which broadens the mouth of the sales funnel and leads to a higher conversion rate.


To sum up the conclusion, again, Content is the king! Content is a fundamental building block of digital marketing. Therefore, if you work on producing quality content that is engaging, optimized for search engines and qualified to earn good backlinks, you can improve your conversion rate and generate more leads.

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