The world of the online market is ever-evolving. As Google constantly keeps updating its algorithm, we see new digital marketing trends every year. However, there are some that are foundational and have remained constant throughout these years of evolution.

As important as it is to stay updated on the new trends, it is also crucial to know what are the key trends viz a viz SEO, online marketing and advertising that have remained unchanged. In this article, we’re going to talk about those digital marketing trends that have survived the changing world and are expected to last forever.

Digital Marketing trend

To ensure a higher virtual visibility, social reach, decent ROI on internet advertising, greater traffic on websites— basically to achieve all the search engine optimization and digital marketing goals, it is important to be thoroughly familiar with the constants of the digital marketing world.

So now, let’s hop onto-

5 Key Digital Marketing Trends that will never die.

1. Story telling

A brand is not just a product line, it is more than that. If your brand doesn’t have a story, that’s some bleak brand building. Stories humanize your brand. Your customers are emotional beings. If your brand comes across as cold hard business, people won’t really be able to connect with your brand. However, if you create a narrative about your brand’s journey and communicate it to your audience, they will be more emotionally invested in your brand thus increasing the chances of conversion. Storytelling is an immutable digital marketing trend because-

> Good stories can leave a lasting impression on people’s mind.

> It helps your brand empathise with customers and thus connect better.

> Story telling appeals to emotions and thus creates a strong psychological impact.

> Makes your brand more profound, meaningful, memorable and real.

2. Advertising through television

One thing that has remained pretty much unchanged even throughout the years-long evolution of electronic media is— love for television! In the 1950s, televisions started gaining popularity and that’s been a favorite ever since. Many miss the point that digital marketing implies marketing on any and all digital media. This includes television. If you want to reach a larger audience, TV marketing is just the right thing. TV advertising continues to be in the game because-

> it’s effective,

> reaches larger audience,

> builds trust,

> attracts loyal viewers,

> ads full screen space,

> also ads receive more attention

…just to name a few.

3. Social media marketing

Since social media became a channel for digital marketing, there’s been no going back. With more and more people joining social media, it’s a safe assumption there will be no going back from this trend for many years to come. Social media marketing is-

> efficient,

> cost effective,

> improves search engine rankings,

> leads to higher conversion rates,

> facilitates two way communication which further helps in brand building,

…and it’s only getting better.

All this makes social media marketing an unfading trend.

4. Direct mail advertising

Yes, it’s still there and thriving! Direct mail marketing is specially very beneficial for local businesses. Mailing striking pamphlets and leaflets to your customers continues to be an effective digital marketing trend as-

> It helps target better.

> Direct mail ad is more tangible.

> It creates a sense of security and trustworthiness.

> With modern printing, it is now possible to make personalised mails for your customers.

> It has hell a lot of scope for creativity and craft. (e.g. you can apply textures, use 3D elements, add scratch cards and much more)

> Also It’s pocket friendly.

> It can complement online marketing.

5. Word of mouth

Word of mouth is an effective way of both offline and digital marketing. Digital marketing agency in Sydney constantly try to encourage and influence consumers’ dialogue about their company. Social media marketing, blogging, influencer marketing, UGC etc are particularly dedicated at creating a positive word of mouth for brands. The reason why word of mouth as a digital marketing trend would never die because it-

> builds a community.

> helps in brand building

> increases trustworthiness.

> it’s basically free.

> highly valued.

> has a higher chance of conversion than other marketing models.

Summing up

Crazy many trends have come and gone throughout the history of digital marketing. Marketers strive to keep their methods up-to-date viz a viz the changing trends. But it is equally important to be through with fundamentals. To have a brand story, marketing through television and social media, direct mailing and word of mouth remain some of the unfading trends of digital marketing.

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