When it comes to marketing, especially B2B, LinkedIn is the best social media platform out there. Here, it simply tops even the most famous social channels like Facebook, Twitter and the likes.

At the same time, it is also one social networking platform that is highly overlooked by many companies. Don’t make the same mistake. If your business is still not out there on LinkedIn, you’re totally missing out a lot. The best thing about

linkedIn marketing is, it’s only evolving and improving. It’s high time you set up your linkedIn business page.

Still not convinced? Then read along!

How LinkedIn Marketing can enhance your marketing strategy

LinkedIn Marketing

1. LinkedIn is the marketing platform for B2B companies

We all know that LinkedIn is the best social media channel for professional networking. This also makes it simply the best digital marketing medium for B2B companies. You can meet, connect and network with your business clients here. LinkedIn is one platform that drives over 80% of the social media leads. This is one place on the internet where you can professionally introduce your business, find new customers, business partners,suppliers, dealers and attract top of the range talent to join your company— along with many other benefits of LinkedIn marketing.

2. Social media marketing is incomplete without LinkedIn

Having a Facebook page or Twitter handle can’t suffice when it comes to social media marketing. You need a place where you can present your business professionally. On top of that, with LinkedIn’s search filters getting more refined, you can better target your audience. Through your LinkedIn profile, you can also give your customers a look into the professional aspect of your business and the best part is you can influence what they see. High professionalism connotes higher credibility and if you make your audience believe that you are a white collar in your industry, they’d be more likely to associate with your company.

3. LinkedIn groups are absolutely worthwhile

By hosting or actively participating in a LinkedIn group, you can come across as one of the leaders and key influencers within your industry. The best way to put a LinkedIn group to use would be-

> Join groups relevant to your industry.

> Actively participate in discussions with and seek valuable insights from successful players.

> Start a group and stay actively involved.

> Share content that would add value for your audience.

> Initiate meaningful discussions to increase engagement.

Being an active participant in different influential groups within your industry and even better, administering one such group can greatly help come across as a renowned entity in your industry.

4. LinkedIn can significantly aid your research

To have an efficient digital marketing model in place, it is of primary importance to gain comprehensive understanding of your customers and prospects. Carrying from the last point, LinkedIn can help you connect with successful players and key influencers within your industry. With this, you gain a lot of valuable insights and information from such players that can significantly aid your marketing research. Think about it, there is an abundance of precious knowledge lying totally unexploited. And on top of everything, it is available for free. No one in their right mind would let this go.

5. LinkedIn as a marketing channel is only improving

The reason why LinkedIn is becoming more and more popular as a social media marketing tool is because it has greatly improved in terms of advertising. With LinkedIn’s analytical tools, it is now possible to monitor your advertisement and marketing performance. Most importantly, Microsoft has added Matched Audiences tool to LinkedIn an edge as an online marketing and advertising platform. With this tool, you can efficiently retarget your website visitors, thus increasing the chances of buyer conversion.


If your marketing strategy is void of LinkedIn marketing, you are missing out big time. LinkedIn is one impeccable social media marketing medium for B2B business. By incorporating LinkedIn marketing in your digital marketing strategy, you can step up your social media marketing, connect and be a key influencer within your industry, get valuable research material and much more. Let’s say you have a Digital Marketing company in Chennai, can keep your marketing strategy refreshing and relevant to your industry.

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