When we talk about the internet, we focus more on its global nature while the fact is most of the online searches are run with local intent. Effective digital marketing is not only crucial for a global reach but also for a local one. In fact, for businesses that are largely dependent on their location, local visibility holds primary importance.

Google Local Pack

For example, if someone in Bangalore and runs a Google search for “SEO agencies”, the top results will automatically show him/her those SEO agencies in Bangalore that are near his/her location even when the name of the place is not added in the query. This is because Google catches your location and shows you the most relevant results accordingly. So, if yours is an SEO agency in the given area, it’d be important for you to rank higher in that person’s Google SERP. And this is why it is important to be familiar with what Google Local Pack is.

What is Google Local Pack?

It’s well known now that Google pays special attention to the needs of its mobile users. As most of the local internet searches are run through mobile phones, Google is also paying particular attention to bettering its local search results.

Google local pack was introduced to give users the best search experience based on their location. It appears at the top of the SERPs in a box and displays a select few businesses along with their name, address, phone number, location on the map along with Google rating, closing & opening time, etc. This helps the users find the best local options (according to Google’s algorithm). The given box also has a button at its bottom which says “more places”. Upon clicking on it, you get the list of all the local options.

Earlier, Google Local Pack used to display 7 top results in the format given above. Now, that has been decreased to just 3 as according to Google, the last 4 results weren’t getting much response.

Role of Google Local Pack in SEO

Businesses that are largely dependent on physical location aim to target and engage with local audiences. Thus, for a business such as restaurant, bakery, grocery, retail shop, service company, or any business with a brick and mortar presence, appearing on Google Local Pack can be really beneficial.

While doing SEO for small businesses, securing a presence in Google Local Pack is one of the key objectives. This is because when a user sees your business in Google Local Pack along with Call to Action buttons, there’s a higher tendency that he/she would take action.

Thus with increased local awareness of your business, you will be able to drive more in-store traffic and improve your conversion rate.

How you can get your business on Google Local Pack

Since having your business on Google Local Pack can be so profitable, let’s talk about the ways you can do this.

# Record your information properly

To ensure higher Google ranking, it is important to have your organization’s information correctly, accurately and consistently spread over different internet platforms. This helps Google index you better and be certain that it’s providing its users with correct information. If you concentrate on other factors and miss this one, you will not be able to get very effective results.

# Work on getting high Google rating and reviews

A high rating tells Google that a particular business is liked by people and thus it gives you a visibility boost. A high rating and positive reviews also helps attract new customers. So, remember to encourage your happy customers to give you a 5-star rating and positive reviews.

# Make useful local links

Having relevant links with reputable local organizations can also be helpful. For this, you can tie up with local NGOs, sponsor local events and so on. Joining the Chamber of Commerce can also help your business become locally reputable along with many other benefits.

# Improve your virtual presence

Improving your virtual presence means working how your business appears on different internet platforms. It’s been found that a higher social visibility helps improve your visual presence and push your Google ranking upwards. Higher the Google ranking, better the chances of appearing on Google Local Pack.

Final Word

Google Local Pack helps internet users find the best local options. Thus, securing a space in it can lead to a higher online and offline traffic, increased brand awareness and better conversion rate. With effective search engine optimization, you can ensure higher Google ranking which will push your business closer to Google Local Pack. Point being, the key to appearing in Google Local Pack is improving your business’s local listing.

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