Have you ever tried to advertise to your current as well as past customers exclusively? Well, advertising to current customers can be easy but it seems a little strenuous when advertising to past customers. So how is it possible? Guys, it is possible through one of the Google Ads features and it’s called Customer Match. Actually Google Ads released the Google customer match feature back in September 2015. And now it has become one of the best marketing tactics to use in the digital marketing field. So guys if you’re lacking behind in your marketing then you should try customer match marketing now.

This guide will highlight the holistic concept of customer match marketing. Be thorough with this article if you don’t know about customer match marketing. Now let’s start with ‘What’.

What is customer match marketing?

Customer match marketing is the process of creating ad audiences using customer data. This allows advertisers to create PPC ads to target prospects on Gmail, Display network, Search network, and YouTube using the user’s email addresses, location, or phone. Furthermore, businesses can achieve goals related to brand awareness and sales with this Marketing strategy. It is really an effective advertising tool for marketers.

According to Wordstream, this tool can match around 50.40% of your email list to users who can see your ads. It can almost increase the 3x conversion rates.

Let’s move and learn how customer match works

Guys before you use a customer match, you must know how it works. Google customer match works by helping you market to users who can interact with your business offline or online. Here Google account stores valuable user data which includes:

  • First and last name
  • Secondary emails
  • Phone number
  • Browsing activity

With all this information, Google provides users with a more personalized search and advertising experience. It further allows Google to connect advertiser-supplied data such as name and phone number to Google accounts, which thereby results in customer match.

Here is a little working process of customer match marketing:

  1. First, you upload a data file of contact information your customers have given you.
  2. Now you create a campaign to target your customer match audience.
  3. Finally matched audience will sign in to their Google account, they see your ads as they use the search Network, YouTube, or Gmail.

Benefits of using Google Customer Match Marketing

  • The first benefit of using customer match is your audience will see your ads and messages without using their Gmail inboxes. It ensures that your messages don’t end up in your audience’s spam inboxes.
  • Another benefit is Google’s customer match provides you a wider reach.  It has many different properties that allow you to reach out to a wider audience and get lots of opportunities to acquire new customers for your business.
  • The next benefit of using customer match is that it ensures that your advertising reaches people on different properties like YouTube, Google search, Gmail, and Shopping. Your subscribers will see your ads on those channels.
  • It helps you target a specific audience but you can also exclude the users in a list so that you no need to spend money on people who aren’t interested to buy.

Try customer match today!

Guys, it’s high time to use effective marketing tools to give a boost in your marketing. Customer match marketing is one of the great effective tools to target a wide number of audiences. As a marketer, you must use this tool; it will surely drive you amazing results in your marketing. I hope you completely understood the concept of the customer match tool through this article. Now you can create your own customer match account on Google Ads.

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