Technology has been forging ahead since the dawn of 21st century with crazy fervour. Education, medicine, government, corporate, or name any industry, every sector has been integrating advance technology. Tourism is no different. If you are looking for ways how technology can boom tourism, this article is for you.

While tourism is exceedingly relying on advancing technology, many still haven’t or aren’t sure how to go about it. Just like any other online business, tourism agencies need technology solutions for operational efficiency, cost reduction, digital marketing, competitive customer service and many other functions. Thus, if you haven’t optimized your tourism business with latest technology, it’s time you do it now boom tourism.

In fact,the leading players in tourism have taken their business to another level by employing AI and bots for various activities cooking, hospitality, communication, etc.

How tourism industry can use technology to their advantage

boom tourism

Optimize your website for Google local 3 pack

Google local 3-pack consists of top 3 results for internet search run on a local level. Many tourists reach their destination and then look for accommodation. These searches are apparently done locally and through mobile phones. Thus, these are two important factors influencing local reach on Google. Given so, you should make sure to-

  • Establish your business as a strong and reliable local entity. Do Search Engine Optimization for local reach, build strong backlinks and make relevant local links.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly by ensuring faster page speed and website loading. Use responsive web design and lazy loading.

Social Media Marketing

For researching and making informed decisions for their travels, many consumers engage with social networking channels. Boom tourism On social media, there are groups for every possible community. Use social media to your advantage by creating and managing business accounts/pages, joining and leading social media groups, using advertisement solutions. For best results, leave it to professionals.Outsource social media marketing services from leading digital marketing agency in Gurgaon and many other countries across the globe.


User Generated Content helps develop positive Word of Mouth. Both of these eventually help strengthen brand. When consumers see other people just like them enjoying your services and giving positive reviews, it assures them of your company’s credibility and trustworthiness. Thus, directing digital marketing efforts towards developing UGC and WOM can help tourism companies improve their reputation and generate more leads.

Use Artificial Intelligence

AI has swayed almost every possible field and tourism is no different. Use of machine learning, ChatBots, TravelBots and Robots can help tourism companies reduce cost and improve efficiency of various functions like customer assistance, data handling, cooking, serving, cleaning, etc. The least you can do is equip your website with a ChatBot.

Internet of Things

Internet of thing is the future of literally every sector. By interconnecting various devices that your customers come across throughout their tour can help you take their experience to a whole new level. For example, many hotels allow their customers to connect their smartphones with devices thermostat, air conditioner, television and other systems. IoT also helps strengthen safety and security.

VR and AR

Tourism agencies have a great scope for capitalising on the visual aspects of their business. Integrate your apps and websites with AR and VR to entice your prospects with visually aesthetic pictures related to your services.


Most of the successful players in tourism industry rely on latest technology to reduce cost and improve efficiency. This tells that through technological upgradation, tourism companies can achieve great heights in terms of customer assistance, data handling, hospitality, digital marketing agency in gurgaon and so on. Therefore, to stay in pace with evolving tourism market, catch up on the latest technologies and optimize your business.

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