Do I really need a Account Manager?
This is a question I often do not directly asked, but as the client’s own time, it was one I definitely explored and Digital Marketing Company Southampton come to understand and deeply value. With this blog I want to jump in front of it with you (so you do not need) and explain what my team of Account Managers do, so when a line item appear on your quote, you will not be left convinced of its value.

What Account Manager?
Account manager is your secret weapon. Our men and women medium business and a team of strategists, marketers, designers and developers handle your project work, digital marketing, strategy and everything in between. We market all-rounders who basically do whatever it takes to get the job done!

It’s our job to work with our clients, build relationships and work with you to determine what your business needs. We then went on to help the team work of our internal institutions to implement this for you successfully, on time and on budget.

What Account Manager do?
On the Account Manager ZIMPLE us far more than relationship builders trying to sell goods. We play an important long-term strategic role in your growth, and invest significantly to get to know you and your business so that we can ensure our bodies provide results that maximize profit and impact the bottom line.

Our eyes and ears, and a tug-of-war master players. Internally, we are enthusiastic debate and manage the project themselves as if we were you. Externally, we work with you to make sure you understand and are satisfied with everything that our teams produce and, on occasion, must be known to act as your own personal public relations; telling anyone and everyone who will listen how great the products / services. After all, personal business!

Ok, but why should I pay for it?
I mentioned earlier that the Account Manager your secret weapon. If used effectively by you, and communication is often the case, we can relieve you of the stress and pressure of everything related to digital for your business. Our sole purpose is to make sure your digital business handled – without you needing to absorb the workload burden and the stress that comes with it.

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We are working hard to solve them.
AM you know you and your business, and work every day to make sure your marketing objectives are matched with the best solutions, continues to deliver results. We continue to monitor your business and your market, along with our industry and digital economy, and as things change we make sure that you are developing digital strategies relevant to them.

Emphasize? We’ll take it for you.
Do you feel you can not afford or justify a marketing man’s right hand? Anyway, you fill the applicable AM. We are full of ideas, suggestions and fun as it can help you and your business solve problems, manage marketing / digital crisis, or simply help you kill new initiatives or ideas.

Busy? We will help you stay on track.
We help you and your project team to stay on track. We know your communication preferences and habits and work to embed them into our processes, ensuring you never let yourself down, and we never let you down.

Success? We will give it to you.
There is an experienced team and a great behind the AM you help to get you results. However, we make you look good and will not take the credit. We juggle all the work, manage a team, pull together reports and presentations, all to help you impress – while you can absorb a lot of credit for the results. If you win, we win!

Are you now convinced that we are your secret weapon? Recognize our Account Management team …

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