Design your website problems (it’s impossible to think of)
I do not want to get off on a bad foot here, but I have to say it directly: the appearance of the material. Lots. Of course, I am referring to the attraction of your website. While it is a clear Digital Marketing Agencies Newcastle statement in it (it is a common request from clients), what I want to explain further why it is important and how you look website can make or break it.

Decisions made about what colors to choose, what font to use and in which certain elements are positioned on each page can be the difference between a great looking website and a great looking website that performs well.

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A bad design can hamper your Google rankings.
Usability and overall user experience of your website is the main factor considered by Google when content is being positioned in the search engines. It can make the difference between being on page one or page 10.

Google rewards websites that provide users with a great experience, and they take their role as recommenders sites (essentially what is a ranking system) very seriously.

A great user experience involves: make sure the font you use load quickly and display at a size that is considered read, the size of the buttons and how close they sit to other content on the page (space) and general ease- of use and the ability to navigate through the pages.

Of course, the design just make some considerations Google factors when determining the quality of a website (speed and quality content pages there too). But, with the advent of user behavior is leaning so heavily toward mobile, Google places a strong focus on mobile-first design makes it more important than ever. That is, it is now less about making a web site just looks nice and flows well to the desktop; it must be responsive, well considered and easy to use on the phone as much as (or even better than) other devices.

Design and your bottom line
Even without the need for digital marketing initiatives, you may still need a website to meet a set of objectives, such as capturing any questions or sell products.

If this happens usability and user experience of your site is critical to the success of your company online. Research shows that things as seemingly simple as a choice of colors for your button can be the difference between the change or users continue their journey elsewhere. Unless your website has been designed to take into account the user experience, the ability of your website to the user a trip to the right areas and the conversion will be difficult to collect.

Questions to ask yourself about your website design …
Are align your website with other brands you have in the market?
It is very likely that this is not the first part of your brand assurance was adopted for style or aesthetics of your brand. If you are looking to achieve an effective online representation of the brand or company, there are decisions you need to make in terms of how the site to your appearance. So, take a look at your website and see whether it is consistent with the overall picture or vision you have for your brand and company. For example, if you are a potential customer is presented with a logo, business cards or other branded materials, will they align with the look of your website?

Does my website make a positive first impression?
To make a positive impression, memorable and professional you should make sure your company’s web site is an extension of your brand, not against it.

Your website is the place for you to control what the user sees, the messages they receive and experience they have. If the look of your website does not include good design and decision-purpose then it is little more than hold a place on the internet, losing a great Digital Marketing Company Newcastle opportunity for your business to grow and develop.

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Charlie Harry : Charlie is a talented search marketer with 5 years experience. He provides site audits, phone consultations and content and link strategy assistance. He is also a publisher of award winning websites and has presented many search marketing conferences.