In the mobile phone as a device to access the Internet, it is timely to identify five main areas of business should consider, and ask themselves, about their digital marketing strategy.

  1. Mobile
    Mobile continues to grow its share in Digital Marketing Agencies Stafford the market using the device. In fact, mobile phones have surpassed desktop usage with 52% of all international web search because we have now been carried out on a mobile device.

How do we access data and information today becomes faster and the search engines had to adapt to this. Google now displays the search results are different for mobile than it does on the desktop. Get your business a strong mobile presence is very important in any digital marketing strategy.

Tip. Taking into consideration the needs of your market and adapt your digital presence become the first mobile phone. Some things to consider:

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website load speed you on your phone. user abandonment rates increase exponentially if the site does not load on a mobile phone within 3 seconds. Add to this the fact that the speed of the site is the Google search results ranking factors. Work with your web developer to increase the load speed of your site.

A website that is responsive to the mobile phone will also provide ease of use and a pleasant user experience.

Video also be considered as part of the mix. People who like to consume video over mobile and Google loves video provides a selection of search results.

  1. local
    The importance of marketing the region as a constantly evolving digital strategy. Four out of five mobile phone users search online will search for the pure business address, hours of operation, services, products and contact details. Even if your business is not location-based business, there are important in managing and maintaining your online locality information. Consumers continue to seek validation and trust through digital presence and if there is an error in the details or information that is not enough you have a chance of 60% of the prospect of moving to the next business.

Tip. Make sure you setup and optimizing key business listings such as Google and Facebook Business pages as well as make sure your details are correct on all key online directories. Providing a real local feel to the list by adding images and video from your team and office; respond to consumer questions asked and reviews; and add posts and list of services.

  1. sound
    Coming on the back of a wave of mobile use is the emergence of voice search. It is estimated that in the next year, almost 50% of the search will be carried out by the assistant voice and devices. AI assistants around the sound continues to improve and confidence continue to grow in the use of this product. With Apple’s Siri, Home Google, Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, Samsung Bixby and Facebook soon-to-be released Aloha, we will continue to see the development and use of these tools in our home and in the workplace.

Tip. The majority of voice search is done is the question. Consider researching the common questions asked by your audience and creating content around these topics. Work with your SEO team to create content that Google can be used to answer the questions posed.

  1. Content
    The need to provide quality content that stands out from the “noise” becomes more important for businesses with limited time and resources to create it. Then add to the mix the need for Google to provide quality results when a search query and get in and ask questions … In fact, how consumers engage with the web page is now a ranking factor for Google search results. What this means is that Digital Marketing Company in Stafford the past emphasis on keywords in a key location is not as important as providing the content that engage, educate and trustworthy.

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Charlie Harry : Charlie is a talented search marketer with 5 years experience. He provides site audits, phone consultations and content and link strategy assistance. He is also a publisher of award winning websites and has presented many search marketing conferences.