As a business owner/marketer, you invest in digital marketing to make your brand known, develop a positive word-of-mouth around it, and build a loyal community for it. Point being, all your marketing efforts are aimed at improving your brand. Since, brand is such a significant element of a business, it is crucial to ensure efficient brand management. Hence, in this article, we’re going to talk about the importance of Brand Management in 2021.

There are a number of entities and channels that represent your brand to the world. This includes your social media accounts, email, print media, sales persons, vendor partners, and other marketing extensions. To make sure that your brand’s message and values are communicated properly, and its integrity and market equity is maintained, it is important to have a system that efficiently manages your brand.

However, with so many marketing channels, it can become a tedious task. Therefore, brand management software solutions can help marketers and brand managers a big time.

Reasons to have a Brand Management Software in 2021

Brand Management Software

# A central management and distribution platform

Brand management is a compound of various elements. One needs to manage different brand assets like logos, images, videos, and so on. Moreover, there are different campaigns, advertising layouts/templates, presentations, documents, TV ads, and the likes that need to be managed. Such software solutions provide a central platform where all this can be stored and managed.

Other downstream channels can be linked to this single system so that they get a supply of authorised digital assets. Manually doing the same is another time taking task. An effective brand management software can help you automate this process.

# Protect your brand identity and integrity

All the touch-points a customer has with your business combine to create a brand. If the content provided on these points is fragmented, incorrectly branded, or communicates incorrect message or design—it can completely derail your customer experience and degrade your overall brand.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that each of your brand asset deployed at such points maintain the brand’s identity and integrity. A quality brand management solution helps you achieve just that.

# Enable self-serve marketing

Brand management software enables a smooth downward flow of approved brand assets. Since there is one centre point where everything is stored, employees can access the required assets anytime, anywhere.

This is because they won’t have to contact the marketing team, ask for the collateral, and wait to receive it before they can take any action. Moreover, marketers will also save their time and efforts on such things and will be able to focus on more important issues.

# Better brand selling

Your sales team is one of the most important marketing extensions of your business. How easily and quickly your salespersons can access the brand content greatly determines how they serve the customer.

You can ensure that your sales team has quick and easy access to the required brand assets like email marketing collateral, digital presentations, hand-outs, and so on. Moreover, they can personalize these assets according to their local needs and the centre will instantly be able to asses and approve it. This way, you can keep for non-complaint and fragmented brand selling.

# Update all the touch-points at once

Your business engages with customers at different touch-points through different marketing extensions. This can be your sales team, vendors, etc. Now what if you update a brand asset? Suppose you made some changes in the handout. How will you provide the updated version to all the concerned stakeholders?

In absence of brand management software, you’d have to do so manually. In such case, you might miss some platforms. Hence, as a result, those platforms will still be marketing based on the outdated assets. However, with the help of such management software, you’ll not only be able to keep all the touch-points updated, you’ll also be able to do so without wasting too much time and efforts.

# Prevents redundancy and duplicating of assets

In the absence of such software, businesses end up creating duplicate brand assets over different levels and lose brand consistency. To eliminate this problem, it is important to use brand management software.

By using this solution, you will be able to make sure that everyone can access same images, videos, templates, and so on that come from a same, constant source. This will further prevent creation of duplicate brand assets and minimize redundancy.


The brand holds paramount significance in a business. All your digital marketing efforts are aimed at brand promotion. Therefore, it is crucial to have an effective brand management system in place. This can only be done by sorting to brand management software. Such solutions can help you maintain consistency in brand identity and integrity. All this further helps you set a standard marketing practice for all your marketing extensions. As a result, you will be able to communicate authentic brand value and message to your customers, leads and audience. So, if you are not using management software for your brand yet, it’s time you do now.

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