Meta description is a significant on-page SEO factor. It gives a summarised idea of what the content on your page is about. This further influences a person’s decision to click on the result leading to your website. Therefore, it is important to write Meta description that can help you get more clicks.

A Meta description tag is an HTML attribute signifies the text displayed below your webpage’s link on the SERP. This 160 character long snippet summarizes your webpage’s content.

A single search on Google leads to millions of results. Well, a person may not go through all of those results; he/she will still have a wide variety to choose from. To make sure that your result gets clicked on, it is important to stand out with your Meta description.

Meta Description

To convince people that your webpage has the content they are looking for, it is important to create a promising Meta description tag. Therefore, it plays a significant role in getting clicks.

Moreover, developers at Google have said that it help the search engine get an idea about a webpage’s content. Even sometimes, your Meta description is what gets used in a featured snippet. If you are seeking to receive more clicks, read below and find out…

Ways Meta description can help you get more clicks

# Optimize Meta description tag with keywords

Although, Meta description is not a search engine ranking factor, it is quite significant for on-page SEO. It is particularly important to improve your click through rates (CTR).

Suppose you run a Google search for ‘digital marketing agencies in Mumbai’. You will find that the results highlight the terms ‘digital marketing/digital agencies’, and ‘Mumbai’ which are the main keywords here. You will most likely click on the result whose meta description best deploy your keywords in context.

Therefore, a keyword optimized meta description can help you improve your CTR.

# Define your featured snippet’s content

A featured snippet generally appears at the top of results in SERP. The contents of a featured snippet are defined by a rectangular shape. It contains text that effectively summarizes the content of a website in a way that the person seeing it gets a brief answer without needing to open it. It’s been introduced by Google as a zero-click result measure. The users get their answers on the SERP itself. However, those looking for a more elaborate idea will be click on it.

Coming to the point, Google has said that sometimes it uses meta description text for the featured snippet content. Therefore, if your meta tag is well written, it can add to your SEO efforts can be used in your feature snippet. And needless to mention the click rates featured snippets receive!

# Hook your audience

When people search a query on the internet, they tend to read description of the results. It helps them decide whether or not they want to click on a particular result. Placing keywords and all is important but not enough.

Remember, unlike search engine bots, humans are not looking just for keywords. They need know whether a webpage’s content can answer their query or not—and also how efficiently it does so. Hence, your meta description tag should be optimized for humans instead of bots.

So, to hook your audience, make sure to write engaging and interesting meta description that hooks your audience. It is best advised to write it in active voice with simple language. This way, you will be able to improve your click rates.

# Give social proof

Social media is treated as an indispensable part of digital marketing. Well, it makes total sense since the social image of a business plays a big role in its overall reputation. People are interested to see what other people think about your business. And thanks to herd mentality, it plays a big role in determining how your audience views your business.

You must have noticed that many websites include their business rating in their meta tags. This works as a social proof of your business. If you feature your high rating in your meta description, it can help leave a positive impression on the audience. As a result, the number of people clicking on your result will increase. Hence, make sure to include your social proof in your meta tag.

# Avoid duplicating meta description

When you have more than one page with similar content, you may be tempted to use same meta description tags for all of them. However, this is one thing you should strictly avoid. If you really want to improve your click through rates, you should make it a point to keep from this practice.

Hence, to optimize your meta description for getting more click-throughs, it is important to write accurate and unique meta tags for different web pages.


Although not a direct influencing factor, Meta description plays a significant role in on-page SEO. This HTML attribute helps summarize the content of a webpage. The given text appears below the results in the SERP. When a person is able to get an idea of a webpage’s content, it helps him/her better decide which result to click on. Therefore, it is important to optimize meta description for improving click through rates. This can be done by using relevant keywords and including social proof. Moreover, you should write unique and interesting meta tags, and avoid using duplicate meta descriptions for different pages. This way, you will be able to receive more clicks by optimizing it.

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