Modern innovations in the field of Information Technology has greatly revolutionised the business world—and it continues to do so. Chatbots are another example of the innovations that are gaining excessive popularity and acceptance in the business world. In this article, we will talk about how Chatbots are the future of digital marketing business.

Hey there! How can I help you?


You must have seen a messenger on some website that opens conversation with similar message. Well, that’s a chatbot.

This is basically a program that stimulates human conversation. Siri, Alexa, Google assistant—all these are examples of chatbot. You converse with them like you would with another human being. These programs have a pre-set answer (or a way of answering) to your query.

Chatbots help cut costs, improves user experience and have a great scope for personalization. Therefore, businesses are increasingly sorting to them. In fact, more and more companies are now integrating their websites and applications with these. This makes is apparent how important a part of digital marketing have chatbots become.

Therefore, as an online business owner or a marketer, it is important for you to know…

Scope of ChatBots in the future of digital marketing business

* Use of Chatbots is going to become more mainstream

Chatbots are swaying every industry a little more every day. Digital marketing is no exception. Businesses in this in industry have seen increased conversion, higher ROI, reduced marketing costs and many more benefits, thanks to Chatbots.

This is no more just a trend and has become more of a norm now. So, one prediction for Chatbots in digital marketing is that it is only going to become more prevalent. At the rate and speed its been going, it’s a safe assumption that it is only going to get bigger in future. So, to stay competent in the race, be future ready by equipping your online marketing program with it.

* AI powered Chatbots are going to become more common

Artificial Intelligence is another element of tech industry that’s expanding its reach rapidly. There is possibly no domain left unaffected by it. It’s just the same with chatbots. AI powered chatbots are trending like anything.

Non-AI chatbots have a quite limited scope. They cannot really converse with humans. In fact, such bots can’t answer open ended questions. Many times, they only come with the option of multiple choices. While this is convenient to some extent, it is also limiting. Therefore, digital businesses are increasingly sorting to AI powered bots.

A chatbot that is powered by artificial intelligence can provide a more meaningful interaction than the other one. Hence, to be ready for the future market, make sure to employ AI powered chatbots.

* Voice chat is going to become bigger

You must be aware of how voice search and voice command are gaining acceptance and popularity increasingly. It’s just the same with chatbots.

Interacting with a chatbot using voice is ridiculously easy and convenient. As a result, people are becoming exceedingly comfortable with it. Therefore, voice chatbots are becoming bigger and are predicted to be so in the future as well.

* Businesses will rely more on Chatbots for data collection

Suppose you open a digital marketing agency’s blog to read some SEO related article. It is very much possible you may find a bot there with something like:

Hey there! Want to increase your website traffic. Register here to find out.

And this might be followed by a couple labels like Name and Email Address.

This must not sound unfamiliar. This is one way how many businesses are now using Chatbots. And reading its growth and pattern, it is safe to assume that this trend is not going anywhere is future. If anything, use of bots for data collection is only going to become more prevalent.

* Chatbots to become a crucial part of customer service

Providing customer care services can put a big strain on a company’s budget. One would need to hire executives or outsource the same from a BPO. Moreover, there would be expenditure on training them. And then not to mention the wages and maintenance. Hence, businesses are exceeding sorting to chatbots for customer services.

While chatbots can’t solve all the questions, they can lift up a great chunk of burden from a company’s resources. Petty problems and issues can be easily solved by chatbots so only those issues reach the executives that are actually difficult to solve and need assistance. Therefore, for all the benefits it has to offer, chatbots are becoming a crucial part of customer servicing and is bound to be so in future.

* Chatbots to aid conversational marketing

Conversational marketing aims at giving customers a one-to-one interaction experience. However, hiring so many executives can be a real burned on pocket. Therefore, businesses are sorting to chatbots for social media marketing.

Social platforms are one of the main mediums for conversational marketing. People tend to ping organizations on such platforms when they have a query related to their business. Therefore, more and more businesses are now using bots on social media for solving initial level inquires and simpler problems. Talking about its future, this is only going to get bigger.


Digital marketing industry is usually the first the capture all the technology trends. Just like that, chatbots have already become an important element. If we look at its growth pattern, it is easy to ascertain that chatbots are going to grow bigger in the digital industry. In future, voice and AI powered bots are going to become more mainstream. Moreover, this technology is going to become a crucial part of data collection, customer care, and conversational marketing. So, to keep up with the modern digital market, make chatbots a part of your business running.

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