There is no denying the power of Instagram today. Instagram is a new Facebook Facebook, launching a career influencers, brand throws to enormous heights and even allows Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle fans to connect with celebrities.

Instagram boasts more than 700 million active users – it’s much more of a platform to share your breakfast today (but we still want to see it). With these statistics in mind, the brand began to take notice. In the fast paced world of social media, if you do not put Instagram to your marketing strategy, you will be missed. Instagram presents a unique opportunity to showcase your brand creativity and expertise, while interacting with your prospective audience. Half of the audience, you think to check their Instagram daily meals (we know we did …), so this is your chance to show your personality and talk to them without bombarding their inbox with a product or service.

Instagram Marketing Tips – The Basics
We can all know the basics of social networking tips; create unique posts, update your feed regularly, emotionally connect with your audience (everyone loves a cute dog story). But, you must remember this marketing Instagram tips for businesses, designed to grow your following.

Show Personality
This one goes without saying, but we’ll say it again. You have to show the personality behind your brand, or your audience will move to the next. If your industry is not too distributed, find the angle. Prospective customers enjoy the look behind the scenes and get to know the team, with the addition of fun (and relevant) post.

Behind the scenes
Instagram Connecting with Audiences Flow

Courtesy of Digital Flow … In hindsight, we probably ate too much at the office.

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Our intent previously smooth transition to our second (us nothing if not subtle). Lift the veil and take your customers behind the scenes; You have the perfect tool to do so. Experimenting with this type of content with Instagram stories, offering a unique advertising platform for brands. Instagram According to statistics, 75% of users take action after rolling past an Instagram post an ad. You only get a 24-hour lifespan with Instagram account, so make sure your post is worth telling.

exclusive offer
Another statement that you will be familiar with, but we’ll share again; people love free (we are one of them). Offering a discount or something exclusive is a sure way to get interaction with the consumer and affect the needs and habits of your buyers. In turn, they are more likely to follow your feed and keep looking for your writing.

live streaming
We were the first to admit we were a little nosy … most consumers. Keep your audience with live streaming into your business; perhaps even a short clip with one of the teams to discuss your services? Instagram and Facebook Live entering this market ‘online any time’; You could cross promote your events, products or services and build tension with targeted consumers.

Working with influencers is the fastest and most profitable methods to communicate with the younger generation. Invite influencers relevant to your industry to take over your account for 24 hours, posting content that adds value to your customers’ needs. You do not even need to surrender your account information, just ask them to send short posts and video directly to your Instagram account to your team to handle.

Product Showcase
Instagram, basically, is visual. To display your products in the best light possible, upload it to Instagram and remember to add a hashtag – 15 is the minimum for interaction. You can Digital Marketing Company in Newcastle even take advantage of a story to do so, with fast 10 seconds revealed that disappears after 24 hours. The possibilities are endless.

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