Search Engine Optimization is using few tactics to increase the website traffic organically. Here we are going to talk about an important part of SEO i.e., domain name. So what is domain name and what is the role of domain name in SEO? Let’s find out.

What is Domain name?

Domain names are unique, human-readable Internet addresses of websites. They consists of three parts

  • A top level domain
  • A domain name
  • And an optimal sub domain.

Domain name and top level domain name together is called Root Domain.

domain name in SEO

Role of domain name in SEO

  • The first step towards building a successful website is getting a domain name. After that, work needs to be done on establishing the website. To accomplish this, SEO is the most effective way.
  • SEO tactics make sure that your website stays in top results of the search engine. Implementing best SEO practices is necessary to get in the top search results. SEO gives long term results unlike SEM. Paid results don’t last long once you turn off the ads. On the other hand, SEO may take a little time to work but its results are long term as they are organic.
  • So, in a way SEO plays a major role in making a website successful. But how does domain name affects SEO?
  • SEO and domain name are not separate they are working simultaneously. A good domain name supports your SEO practices to make sure that better results are obtained.
  • Google or other search engines use certain ranking factors to check the quality of the domain name. Earlier, keywords in domain name used to be a major ranking factor hence, search engines paid very much attention to provide keywords rich domain names. But that has changed a little over time. Now several other factors are coming onboard. Now besides keywords, an important aspect that work out the SEO value of a domain name are its popularity as a brand and authority. 
  • Google prefers those domain names that are already a big name. SEO is not just about some keywords. Everybody prefers brands over new players that enter the market. Likewise, Google also likes brands more; therefore it prefers to show already established brands in top search results.
  • The authority factor is a major ranking factor used by search engines these days. And it has gained more importance in recent times.

How to make a good domain name

In order to have a SEO-friendly domain name you need to focus on few points while making domain name

  • Your domain name should not be too complex and too hard to remember. It should be easy to remember and it should reflect your brand. It should be relevant.
  • Domain name should be easy to spell so that visitors can type it easily.
  • It is best if it is short. That way it is easy to spell and remember. Avoid adding extras like hyphens. On an average, most top website has a 9 letter domain name. 
  • Uniqueness is what makes anything stand out. So this is important to make sure that the domain name is unique.
  • You might as well use some words that speak for yourself like best or great which sends a message that you are great.


In this vast frontier where there are thousands of websites on a single theme. It is necessary to follow tips that makes you unique so that you are easy to discover.

Making a good domain name is utmost necessary. By following above points you can make sure that you are still in the game fighting with big giants out there.

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