Search engine optimization is a crucial branch of digital marketing that aims at increasing online traffic for businesses so as to help them generate more leads and improve their conversion rate. Organic virtual reach is considered better than the paid one because internet users tend to go for the former. This being the reason, SEO practitioners aim at making their websites appear in the top results.

guide for EAT SEO

Google is inarguably the most used search engine that tops others with a great margin. Thus, digital marketers and SEO-ers pay particular attention to Google’s ranking factors.

In order to improve its search experience, Google constantly keeps updating its algorithm. Even just at the beginning of this month, Google rolled out a new Broad Core Update like it does a few times every year.

However, there is something that has remained more or less constant— Google’s EAT criteria for websites.

What’s exactly the E-A-T criteria?

EAT is an acronym for Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness. According to Google’s E-A-T criteria, if you run a website, you need to be-

  • An Expert in your field, i.e. you need to show that the creator of the content on your website has expertise in the subject he/she’s writing about. This assures google that it is providing its users with credible content. This is not as important for entertainment websites as it is for professional websites dealing with subjects of fields like medical, financial, legal, etc.
  • You need to show the Authoritativeness of the content posted on your website. This is achieved when other experts in your field cite from your content. For this, credentials and reviews are also necessary.
  • To prove Trustworthiness is all the more important for eCommerce websites. This is because to ensure a safe search experience, Google wants to make sure that it’s providing its users only with the trustable options.

For example, if there’s a SEO agency in Hyderabad, it needs to make sure that the YMYL content on its website is written only by an expert SEO. Secondly, the main content creator’s credentials are crucial to prove the authoritativeness of the content. Both these factors ultimately add to making a website appear trustworthy.

Why EAT is useful for SEO?

Google takes EAT very seriously. Websites that post content complying with the EAT criteria enjoy higher Google ranking and visibility while those which don’t are penalized by Google. Thus, to fulfill your SEO goals, it is important to make sure your website complies with Google’s EAT criteria.

How can you improve your SEO according to Google’s EAT standards?

This is one question that many SEO practitioners seek answers to. Below, we are going to discuss some ways through which you can make your website EAT compliant and enjoy higher Google rankings.

# Build quality backlinks

Link building is important but put emphasis on quality. Having a large number of links can’t necessarily get you a higher ranking. In fact, linking with spammy websites can have an adverse effect on your website as Google would associate your website with those spammy ones and penalize you as well.

# Keep updating your content

This is especially crucial for the websites covering YMYL content types like medical, financial, digital marketing, etc. If your content is outdated, you’d be providing your users with misleading. Thus, you should keep your content up to date.

# Maintain accuracy

Maintaining accuracy is critical according to Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines. To attain a higher level of EAT compliance in your content, make sure it is factually accurate. Posting inaccurate information would lead to a lower Google ranking.

# Get more reviews for your website

A higher Google ranking coupled with a great number of positive reviews can help you give a visibility boost. Make sure to encourage your happy readers, subscribers, and customers to give you a 5-star rating and reviews. This will tell Google that people find your content relevant and it will give you more visibility.

# Brag about your qualifications

It is important to flash your credentials to demonstrate EAT. Be it your academic qualifications or some distinguished industry award, show off everything. But make it a point to keep from lying and exaggerating.

# SSL Certificate

Over 70% of the websites appearing on the first page of search results have SSL certificates. It helps provide authentication for a website and enables an encrypted connection.

Final word

Posting content that complies with EAT criteria lies at the base of Google ranking factors. For effective search engine optimization, you need to make sure that you comply with EAT and post only authentic, accurate, and credible information. Obtaining relevant backlinks, having SSL certification are some other pertinent factors.

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