Organic reach is important but hard to attain. This being the reason, businesses give paid advertising some space in their digital marketing program. Not only PPC is a cost-effective online advertising model for advertisers– but it also opens the door for content creators to earn a few bucks. Thus, many businesses and bloggers monetize their content by giving space to advertisers. If you intend to benefit from publishing PPC ads, you must watch out for these top 7 Google AdSense trends in 2021.

Introduced in 2003, Google AdSense has been helping websites of all sizes to earn money in 51 currencies by publishing ads. Talking about its prevalence, about 10.8 million worldwide websites used AdSense. According to the model, AdSense publishers earn 68% of revenue derived from clicks and the rest goes to Google. Thus, Google AdSense is a choice of many publishers.

Every year brings new trends in the digital world. To keep earning through PPC advertising, be 2021-ready by catching up on Google AdSense updates for the year.

Top 7 Google AdSense insights for 2021

Google AdSense Trends
Google AdSense

1. Quality content

In 2018, Google AdSense removed about 734,000 publishers from its model as a quality control measure. Quality of the content has been and continues to be an important factor in 2021. Since poor quality content is associated with spammy and poor websites; Google clearly doesn’t want to be identified with them.

Therefore, make sure to produce well structured, high quality content.

2. Create unique content

Not only does the quality of content matter but so does its authenticity. Google straight-up discards plagiarised content and throw it into the deep abyss of SERP. So naturally, it won’t let such websites publish their ads. This is the one really important content quality factor for Google AdSense in 2021. And Google is only becoming more serious with its standards.

Therefore, make sure your content is 100% plagiarism free.

3. Consistent content

Okay, since PPC ads are posted along with/in between your content, there’s naturally a great focus on content. So, another important factor that has gained all the more importance for 2021 is—the consistent supply of content.

There isn’t a specific number of blogs or posts confirmed by Google to be eligible for AdSense. However, websites that keep updating their content tend to get higher rankings and more visibility. Such publishers are ideal for PPC ads. Thus, take your activeness one step forward in 2021 and keep posting quality content consistently.

4. The no-go content-types

This one’s again content-related. Google is growing more uncompromising with its content standards with time. There are certain types of content that Google AdSense doesn’t entertain at all.

In 2021, Google AdSense publishers will need to be all the more careful about keeping from the following content-types:

Sex entertainment/Adult materials

Pilfered Content

Hacking or Cracking Tutorials

Unlawful Drugs/Paraphernalia

Some other illegal Stuff

5. Minimum age for publishers

The minimum age to be a Google AdSense publisher is 18 years. Though it’s already been a part of AdSense’s policy, the standard remains unchanged in 2021. Thus, publishers below the age of 18 won’t be able to capitalize on their content using AdSense.

It is important to be aware of this since many individuals under the age of 18 get their request rejected and mistake it for an error on the part of Google. While the company has made it clear that this is no tool for those below 18 publishers. If you aren’t 18 yet, maybe explore other options.

6. Domain Age

This isn’t exactly a new trend. Domain age has always mattered when it comes to publishing ads from Google AdSense. As it has made it compulsory for AdSense publishers, the page’s domain needs to be at least 6 months old.

This continues to be so this year as well. If your page’s domain age is less than 6 months, you can’t capitalize on your content using Google AdSense. In fact, the older your page’s domain is, the fitter it becomes for Google AdSense.

7. Optimize website for mobile

Google is growing more and more focused on serving its mobile users. As an important element of search engine marketing, having a mobile-friendly site is all the more crucial in 2021. This is reflected in the Google AdSense trends too.

Therefore, it is important for publishers to make mobile-friendliness a priority in web designing. Make sure your website is easily accessible through mobile devices to get the best out of Google AdSense in 2021.


Google AdSense can be a great way of monetizing your content by posting PPC ads. All you have to do is maintain a first-rate website with quality content. For 2021, most trends are going to be carried forward. Quality of content, web design, domain age, and adherence to Google AdSense guidelines are going to gain all the more importance this year.

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