Wide virtual reach is good and all but what’s the point if you can’t convert your visitors into buyers? You may have thousands of visitors but if that’s not corresponded with your conversion rate, such traffic is basically useless. Thus, arises the need for target lead generation.

Lead generation– simply put, is the process of attracting people and cultivating prospects into buyers. Lead generation is a key objective of SEO and digital marketing. Instead of putting efforts on general reach, if your marketing is directed at a specific target audience, you can do better lead generation. When your lead generation strategy is targeted at the right people, not only does it improve your conversion rate, it also yields mutual benefit for both your business and your audience.

Thus, it is imperative to make sure that your lead generation strategies are aimed at targeting the right people.

Top 5 Ways to Target Right People with Lead Generation Strategies

Ways to Target Right People with Lead Generation Strategies

1. Gated content

Gated content is the material that is only accessible after a user has filled out a certain form (like email subscription) while ungated content is the material which is publicly available for all to access (like blogs). You can consist of White papers, E-books, Online tools, Worksheets, Courses, Guides Reports, etc. Unlike ungated content, gated content’s objective is not brand awareness but lead generation. You attract prospects with the material that can interest them and in exchange of their details; you provide them with the said material.

If someone is subscribing to your material, it is apparent that they are interested in your brand. This means they are already one level down in your sales funnel and are a lot more likely to be converted into buyers. Thus, developing quality gated content is a great lead generation strategy to target the right people.

2. Optimize landing page

Whether through search results of paid advertisement, if a person has landed on your website, they have taken their first step into your conversion funnel. For the next step, it is your landing page that greatly influences the further course. If you have an effective landing page, you can bring your prospect closer to making a buying decision– and a poor landing page would do vice versa.

To optimize your landing page for better lead generation, you can do the following-

  • Have a simple UI.
  • Display offers clearly.
  • Create urgency. (e.g. “Limited stock”, “Sales ends in x hours”, etc)
  • Effective placing and labelling of CTA buttons.
  • Do A/B testing.

3. Attract leads with discounts and offers

When you hand out tempting discounts and offers, it pushes your prospects to finally make the buying decision. This tactic is not only good in the short term but also in the long term.

For the short term benefit, you’ll convert your prospect into a buyer and for the long run benefit, your happy customers will buy from you again. Generating leads through tempting discounts and offers as a strategy has existed for long and continues to be highly effective till date.

4. Provide free sample/trial

You must remember going to supermarts and finding stalls that provide free sample snacks for tasting.

Providing a free sample/trial is another ‘old but gold’ strategy. This is highly popular with subscription based streaming service provider platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hotstar, etc. and it’s been proven really effective.

This is another effective way of targeting the right people for your lead generation strategies. Once you have captured interested leads by providing free samples/trial of your goods/services, you can promote features of the paid version and better convince your prospects to turn into buyers.

5. Use keywords to target top-of-funnel

In the current day scenario where organic reach weighs heavier than the paid one– effective search engine optimization is imperative. Conduct thorough research to find out what exact terms people use when running internet search for your business type. This will help you better in determining what keywords to employ.

With effective keywords placement, you’d be able to appear in the top results when someone runs a Google search for your business type. This way, you will be specifically targeting those who are interested in the product and services that you offer thus, leading to better lead generation and higher conversion rate.

Wrapping up

Generating leads is vital for any online business. With right targeting, you can ensure better lead generation and ultimately higher conversion rates. Hooking potential buyers with gated content, discounts and coupons, free samples and trials along with optimizing landing pages and placing keywords effectively can help you target the right people and do better lead generation.

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