As physical gatherings became impossible for many months, 2020 has seen a tremendous upsurge in webinars. I’m certain that almost every reader of this article must’ve registered for at least a couple of webinars this year.

And I’m sure that you must have left some webinars halfway or might have even missed it entirely after registering. I have myself done so. Of course, if they don’t have anything engaging to offer, exit is just a click away.

Regardless of the dramatic increase in the prevalence of webinars, not many have been successful at generating a decent amount of leads. But if used right, webinars can actually be a great way of generating leads. You might have had a bad experience with webinars but it’s still one effective digital marketing tool.

By conducting a webinar the right way, you can capture high quality leads and open up partnership opportunities as you establish your trustworthiness and credibility. Moreover, through webinars, you can have leads from anywhere across the globe.

In this article, we’ll guide you on.

How to Use Webinars to Generate Leads?

How to use webinars to generate leads

You can prepare for your lead generation webinar in the following ways-

Define your objective

Having a clear objective is crucial.

Are you introducing a new product? Are you looking to maximize sales of an existing product? Or are you just trying to create brand awareness? Answering such questions will help you understand and define your objective better. This will be your foundation for lead generation through webinar.

Know your audience

Once you have defined your objective, it’s time to identify and know your audience.

Create a buyer persona. Do necessary research on your potential customers. Understand where your audience stands in the marketing funnel and approach accordingly.

Supposing yours is an SEO agency and your objective is to improve sales of your services. Now next is to define your audience. What is the size of businesses you want to target? Do you intend to target domestic businesses or go global with your operations? These are some of the questions you can ask yourself that’ll help define your audience.


When you collaborate with a business for a webinar, it helps you get hands on another ready set of audience. This will help you create brand awareness. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing whom to partner with.

You should partner up with somebody in the same industry (not the competitors of course) who gives complimentary service. Continuing the example above, as an SEO agency, you can partner up with some web designer. This is an easy way of creating brand awareness and generating leads. The best part, it’ll be mutually beneficial.

Set up a landing page

Landing pages are an important part of lead generation. You’d apparently need a landing page that records your registrants’ name, contact details and other information. While customizing this landing page, you can do the following things-

  • Have a hooking page title
  • Excite prospects with a short video
  • Use effect CTA buttons
  • Write about webinar’s agenda
  • Write about the success of your older webinars- e.g. include happy audience’s testimonials
  • Introduce the speakers
  • Create urgency- add a ticking clock or countdown timer
  • Create scarcity- e.g. “only x seats left”

Once you are done with pre-webinar preparations, it’s now time we talk about what to do during the webinar-

Webinar’s format

There are different types of webinar formats to choose from, like- Q&A, masterclass, demo, panel discussion, etc. Find out how these formats work and identify what suits your requirement the best. Your webinar format is important because it defines the structure of your whole webinar.

Technology related decisions

Once you have decided what webinar format you want to go with, it’s time to choose a suitable digital platform for your webinar. Make sure you are comfortable using that software so you can deal with disruptions.

Hardware decisions are equally important. Make sure you are using a sound device and high-quality headphone and microphone to ensure smooth interaction.


Having a presentation in place that helps conveying your message clearly and effectively is imperative. For a 60 minute presentation, you can go the following way-

  1. Introduction: 5 mins
  2. Brand story and journey: 10 mins
  3. The key information: 30 mins
  4. Your offer: 10 mins
  5. Q&A: 15 mins

Invoke instant conversion

Yes, you can get instant conversion through webinars. This is how to go about it-

After you are done with the “offer” part of your presentation, put forward a heavy discount to your audience that is hard to pass. But the trick is to make it a limited period offer that ends at the end of the webinar.

Think about it. The audience that has made it to the ending of your webinar is apparently interested in your product/service. This can be the final push and can very well result in instant conversion.

Final Word

Webinars can doubtlessly be a great digital marketing tool for lead generation— but it all depends on how you use it. If you define a clear objective, know your audience, have an excellent landing page and an on-fleek presentation, you can sure expand your audience and generate high-quality leads.

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