Psychological triggers. The discovery calls. Pain points. active listening and getting internal stakeholders to be influencers and champions of your internal sales when selling the company’s offerings.

Hopefully you are interested in this, because if you are a business owner marketing services (whether independent or with employees) business will live and die based on how well your sales process.

Lucky for you, I brought one of the best Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield in teaching business owners podcast service to Credo, and today here is the episode.

His name Witherill Liston, and he is a Portland-based entrepreneur and founder He is an author, speaker, and advisor to institutions and consulting firms are ready to move beyond the referral. Liston work is based on the cutting edge of psychology, behavioral economics, and sales experience itself. His mantra “Serve, Do not Sell,” and he believes sales should be ethical, win-win arrangement of 100% of the time.

Before the creation of business training, Liston was the owner of a boutique marketing firm, and ran business development and marketing for a consulting company $ 12M. He podcast 3x a week, and runs three times a week, and living with his beautiful wife, cat and dog in Portland, OR.

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John: Hey, hey, hey, what’s up, everybody? John Doherty, founder and CEO of here back in your ear. Today, I have a very special guest on the podcast with me. Before I get into that, let me tell you a little about the Credo. This episode is sponsored by Credo, which is my company,, where we help clients find that and eventually hire the best digital marketing agency or consultant to their specific needs.

today’s episode is with Liston Witherill which is a sales trainer, a Portland-based entrepreneur, and author, speaker, and advisor to institutions and consulting firms are ready to move beyond reference and scale of their sales. Liston work is based on the cutting edge of psychology, behavioral economics and its own sales experience running sales for a company $ 12 million. namely monetary serve, not sell. And Liston believe sales should be a win-win arrangement ethical 100% of the time. Liston and I have been connected for a bit.

I was a guest on his podcast about the consultation a few weeks ago. And we think a lot along the same wave of selling, how business owners services, consultants, etc., have to do sales, how to do best so that you get a buy-in micro along the way, you build internal support to help you sell the job to a company large-company that will pay you big bucks. Our conversation here is about 25 minutes. I think you’ll get a ton of value out of it. He talked about a lot of things are super actionable for businesses based services because you are trying to sell the value chain. So without further ado, here Liston. And I hope you really enjoyed this episode.

OK. Thus Liston, welcome to podcast Credo. So today, we will talk about the topic of sales. You have me in your podcast a few weeks ago to talk about sales and how I see consultants and institutions in the Credo, had the best success. But I mean, you’re the guy when it comes to sales and came to teaching institutions, and consultants, and business owners how to sell services work better. So, if you are going for a little kick in it for us, can you give us a cliff notes who you are, what you do, how do you do it?

Liston: Sure, I’ll do my best. So who am I? My name Liston Witherill. My website is Digital Marketing Company in Sheffield . And what I do is I help people who are not trained sales people and not professional sales people far, far, far more effective at selling. The reason I focus on consultants and institutions in independent companies is because of what I have found is that many people get into the profession does not fully respect or understand the sales will be an important part of, you know, driving the bottom line they are after.

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