For the younger generation, Gen Z are all the rage at the moment, but as marketers, we can not forget those Digital Marketing Company in Southampton who hold the most purchasing power in the household – Mom, Mum, Ma or whatever you like to call him.

Whether you realize it or not, Mum It has a prominent effect on the decisions in the household. More than 50% of all online women’s mother (Punchbowl, 2013), making them extremely valuable audience and a key opportunity for the brand, especially with anything in relation to their children.

Did you know there are more than 85 million mothers in the US and they rely heavily on their smartphones? If you think teens glued to their phones, consider the number of mothers post photos of their children and loved ones while staying connected with family and friends through social media. They are constantly browsing online, and try to stay sane by engaging in some self-care clamp Sunday as they browse sites like Pinterest for ideas unique birthday party.

But what can we learn when it comes to the mother as a consumer?

It’s time to dig into the gaming industry.

Yes, believe it or not, the mother of hardcore gamers. Research by Activision Blizzard Media study the attitudes and behavior of gamers mother and aim to answer questions about their spending habits. It shows that gamers mothers account for most mothers with more than two-thirds of mothers games on the PC, console and mobile! Gah – research not surprising sometimes?!

What else do they find?

statistics on maternal Activation Blizzard gamers with Media

So what does this prove?

These women believe entertainment and content consumption, in general, have a positive effect on their daily life and they are more involved with the brand and social media.

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How does this help us as marketers?

An educated approach to design in terms of creating worthwhile – sharable content and experiences online. Not only mothers are involved with the content, but they are also interested buyer who loves to discover new things and accept ads that are highly relevant to 39% of mothers of gamers as possible to share their experiences with friends. Why should we care? It is built on the idea of ​​how one customer can cause a lot. Think about it, one of the positive experiences of a single mother can be shared on social media with hundreds of other mothers and friends to read.

While the gaming industry may not be relevant to your brand, mother certainly possible. Surprisingly, 75% of mothers think online marketers do not understand what it’s like to be a mother, who showed that the mothers feel misunderstood by the brand. So to all the mothers out there – we listen!

How can we fix this? Brands should pay close attention to these mega consumers, ensure the brand message researched, reliable, and trustworthy.

Find out how agencies can help in the home team figuring this out.

Mother is a social being and trust the opinion of their peers or the relevant influencers.

and there are plenty of mommy bloggers out there rifled through, transporting products and reviews – leave their mark.

Do you consider the process of sharing the experience of shopping with your brand? Is it that easy? your shopping experience should be easily forwarded to friends and family, this is why the choice to leave reviews and purchase of shares in the social is key for mamas to share and spread the word

Many mothers still shopped in stores but most of them spent time researching online. Interestingly, research Multiple Agency (2018) found that mothers UK relentless search online but do not always buy online – why is that? Despite the fact that the supermarket is the best friend of a young mother, mothers often use Digital Marketing Agencies in Southampton a site dedicated to parenting advice to find the answers and these sites are usually not a brand but a more community-driven platform with blogs and reviews – without the direct purchase option.

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