Up with Matt Povse Senior Vice President of Retail and Services Geek Squad at Best Buy Canada to discuss how to create a positive work culture can empower the brand and create stronger Digital Marketing Agencies Sheffield connections and experience for the customer.

Povse responsible for overseeing employee and customer experience, sales, and profits for more than 180 retail stores in Canada, and to develop programs and services fulfillment process Geek Squad.

the mentality of the team, combined with wide work experience, inspire collaboration between different business functions that lead to increased productivity and sales. development of new and innovative partnerships and integration of services and retail has increased omnichannel approach Best Buy and set the foundation for future growth.

Prior to Best Buy, Povse is Vice President of Sales for LG Electronics and has also held key positions at Compaq, TELUS and XM Satellite Radio.

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Matt Povse of Best Buy Canada

When you think about what makes a company strong, thoughts such as income, innovation, brand recognition, and sustainability come to mind. What role does humility play in the success of a company?
MP: I would like to remind ourselves and others that the company is simply an organized group of people and as such, it is the power of people who are important above all else. When a company is having success, it’s driven by the people and moments that harder, team work together to reverse the situation.

Innovation is often facilitated by technology, but the ideas come from humans. For me, people bring the brand to life, so that the health of the brand relies on people who believe in the brand. As for revenue, the old saying that if you look after your people, they look after customers and that looks after the interests of shareholders are often repeated because it was Customers are becoming more demanding and technology dependent. As a retailer, why human relations is important for customer engagement?
MP: Humans have a way to connect with other human beings that technology can not replace. We believe technology should and can enrich people’s lives. It drives our product selection and how we approach e-commerce and IT infrastructure. Behind all the technology we use and sell are human. We are all well and our customers are working on providing the best customer and user experience that we can because we really appreciate the same.

DAC: Is it easy for marketers to ignore the value of human relationships?
MP: I think so and if marketers do not make a human connection, so that they can talk to? For us, the relationship could be in-person experience through our store, event or through our in-house service, or a digital experience that feels like it was built for humans.

Either way, we are trying to connect with our customers in a more personal way. A more connected world help us reach our customers with the products they care about, in a location that suits them, but Best Buy believes in developing long-term relationships with customers and in doing so we know that real life human interaction is inevitable -and profitable -part of that tri

There’s no denying the power of humility in the workplace. How brands can adopt humility in their engagement strategies to create a better customer experience?
MP: First, by recognizing, without a doubt, that humility is a strength not a weakness. Built into our culture is the idea of ​​forever-good boost as we are, we can always be better and it was fun to continue to do so. Of course, we are happy when we receive positive affirmation from our customers, but we also appreciate that the negative Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield feedback is a gift that can help us become better. We encourage our team to question everything and speak up when something does not make sense.

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