Online businesses constantly strive to maintain higher Google search rankings. The advent voice search has greatly redefined the way consumers run internet searches. Thus, SEO Services practitioners are now working at improving their websites’ ranking in the voice search results. If you’re looking for ways on how to optimize your Website for voice search in 2021, read this article and find out.

The fact that searching answers on internet through voice command is ridiculously convenient and easy has made the use of voice search very prevalent. So much so that at least 43% of Google search in US has been voice enabled. And that’s the stats for 2020. In 2021, the use of voice enabled search is bound to increase. Thus, if you want to make sure your website enjoys higher ranking in Google SERPs, it is important that while doing SEO for your website, you optimize it for voice search as well.

Given so, we have curated a list of ways you can make sure that your company appears in the top results when a voice search related to your business is run.

How to appear in top voice search results in 2021

Voice Search
  • Concise answers

It’s been found that Google has a tendency to answers voice search queries within 30 words. Thus, if you have a suitable answers summing up within 30 words, you can increase your chances of appearing in the top results. Hence, for the content you post on your website, make sure it includes the gist of the whole article in less than 30 words which briefly and effectively answers/summarizes the whole point.

  • Have and FAQ page

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Having an FAQ page can greatly help you optimize your website. There are mainly two reasons for it. First, voice search queries look for concise answers, which you can readily provide in your FAQ pages. Second, voice search usually employs question keywords like ‘why’, ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘who’, ‘when’, etc. Thus, you should include an optimized FAQ page in your website to improve for voice search rankings.

  • Use conversational language

The way that a person uses language while writing and speaking is different. Thus, a query is likely to employ more conversational language than a typed search query would. Therefore, you should try to make your content more conversational so that it increases the chance of it appearing in the top results when a related voice search is done.

  • Make use of long tail keywords

Long tail keywords are basically a group of keywords or keyword phrases that direct users to information they are searching for. These are the set of keywords visitors are likely to use when running voice enabled search. Long tail keywords can be a bit tricky but will turn out to hugely beneficial if you know how to use them. The point behind saying that proper use of such groups of keywords can get tricky is because at times it comes across as counter-intuitive. Thus, it is important you do proper research and find out most commonly used long tail keywords to integrate in your FAQ page. In fact, if you can effectively employ long tail keywords, Google may disregard your overall ranking and put your answer at the top.

  • Have a responsive web design

Apparently, voice enabled searches are mainly done through mobile phones. Thus, Google makes sure to show only those websites in the top results that have a responsive web design. Having a responsive web design helps you ensure that your website is compatible with different mobile devices. Therefore, you should optimize your website by using a responsive web design to make sure that your business enjoys higher ranking results.

Wrapping up

The use of devices like Alexa, Cortana, etc. has crazily increased over the past couple of years. Looking at the current trends, it is a safe assumption that use of voice enabled search is only going to increase in coming years. More and more people are becoming comfortable with giving voice commands to their devices because it is extremely convenient. Thus, while doing SEO for your website, it is important you do so along with the objective to appear in top results. To gear up optimization in 2021, employ concise answers, FAQ pages, long tail keywords, conversational language, and responsive web design in your website and enjoy position in the top results of Google search.

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