Having your business firm listed in online directory helps your business reach potential customers when they search for a particular directory or index. Thus, it is important for the name of your business to appear in relevant online directories. We are at the dusk of this year with business owners and digital marketers strategizing for the next year to come. In this article, you will find out how online directory listings can promote your business in 2021.

Online directories are a low cost way of improving sales by properly indexing a business. And as Google loves online businesses that are appropriately indexed over the internet, getting your business listed in relevant online directories can help boost your website’s Google rankings and visibility. Thus, to get the best out of your search engine optimization efforts, you should get your business listed accordingly. Below, you will be able to better understand the ways it can help promote your business. So, read along.

How getting listed in online directories can help promote your business?

Online Directory

Choose the right directories to advertise on

Once you decide to use online directory listings to promote your business, this will be your first concern. If the question which directory you should advertise on is confusing you, there are a few ways you can go about it. For one, if you can direct enough of your digital marketing budget towards online directory listing of your business, you may go for national sites to index your business. You can also go for those sites which specialise in online advertising and traffic generation. In case you have a limited budget and/or you are looking for a local reach, directory websites which particularly index local businesses should be your option to go for.

However, the amount you’re willing to invest shouldn’t be the only factor influencing your choice of online directory. E.g. for digital marketing agencies in Bangalore, such businesses would better go for getting listed in an online directory that drives much of its traffic from Bangalore. Doing this will help make their directory advertisement more meaningful to the business, and not to mention, to the customers as well.

Rating and reviews

Many businesses focus on positive reviews and high ratings only on Google. Indeed, high Google ratings and reviews are good for your search engine optimization goals but it shouldn’t just be all. Thus, having high rating and reviews for your business on online directories can add to your SEO efforts. On top of that, high rating and reviews can be a compelling factor for the audience coming across your directory ad.

Therefore, it will help increase traffic on your website. Given so, it’s been found that online directory websites that allow customers to give ratings and reviews are apparently more effective than those which don’t. Thus, if you intend to benefit your digital marketing campaign through online directories, it is important to go for those which feature customer reviews and ratings so you can capitalize on the positive ones.

Writing directory listing

Writing directory listing should be looked at as writing an advertisement. While some websites may just require the link to your website to be put on their list, others provide more space to introduce your business. Thus, you should make sure that you clearly communicate important information about your business—precisely tell them what problems you can solve, what you have to offer and give them a reason to choose you over your competitors. One important thing is to monitor the performance and efficiency of your ad regularly. This is especially so when you have paid to have your business listed.


Getting one’s business listed on online directories is often undermined as a digital marketing and SEO strategy. In fact, online directory listing is important for a business as it allows it to be properly indexed. Thus, online directory listing as a business promotion tool is a must have for your digital marketing campaign in 2021. By choosing the right online directory to be listed on, generating high reviews and positive ratings, and writing solid introduction for your business, you can promote your business in an effective manner.

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