Every succeeding year brings new trends in the digital marketing world. For one, stats show that investment in Influencer Marketing is only going to increase in the coming year. Wondering how Influencer Marketing will work more efficiently in 2021? Read and find out.

Over the last few years, influencer marketing has become exceedingly popular. Of course, it is only understandable for all the value this model of marketing has to provide. With this, you can increase brand awareness, expand the audience, improve lead generation, and conversion in a cost-effective manner. Thus, more and more businesses are now relying on influencers to market their product.

In this mode of marketing, you find an influencer to promote your brand to their followers. Influencers are basically entities that have a very large number of people following them on different internet platforms. The whole point of people following such influencers is to receive content from them. Since influencer marketing is not pushy, it yields more effective results.

If you are considering influencer marketing or seeking ways to optimize it for 2021, there are…

Ways to optimize influencer marketing for 2021

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  • Video content

Video is a highly effective tool for digital marketing. The same remains true for influencer marketing as well. In fact, there’s been a constant rise of video content in the influencer market space with the introduction of apps like TikTok and the development of Instagram Reels.

This trend is only going to get bigger in the future. Short and authentic videos that are interesting and interactive help get the best returns on influencer marketing. Thus, to be 2021-ready with your influencer marketing strategy, make sure to equip it with quality video content.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

With the BLM movement resonating even harder, many racism-related issues have come into the spotlight this year. For all the good reasons, influencer marketing has also been swayed by it. Many companies have been held accountable for lack of racial diversity and/or tokenism in influencer marketing.

There has been a rise of concern for diversity and inclusion among the followers as well. Therefore, if you are looking for influencers to market your brand, make sure to be diverse and inclusive.

  • The #NoFilter Trend

To build a community on social media, it is important to be authentic. The days of spuriously beautified feed are gone. Raw is the new aesthetic. This is not limited to written content but to different media types also, especially photos. For example on Instagram, the #nofilter trend has gotten really popular. Followers seek ‘unedited’ look into their influencer’s. Thus such Instagram influencers are more focused at posting authentic, unedited/subtly edited content. The way it’s going, this trend is only to become a norm in 2021.

Thus, it is important for your influencer marketing campaign in 2021 to keep it as real as possible. Make sure your influencer-marketers are as spontaneous and real as possible with the content the post. This will increase their trustworthiness and eventually of the brands they promote.

  • Rise of micro influencers

From about the last couple of years, there’s been a rise in the number of micro and nano influencers. It’s been found that influencers with less than 100k followers had higher engagement rates than those above 100K. In fact, micro influencers having followers ranging below 20K had the highest engagement rate of about 7% in 2019. This may be because such influencers are able to get closer to and connect more personally with their audience.

As a result, companies are increasingly sorting to micro/nano influencers for marketing their product. This trend bound to become bigger in 2021. Thus, to get the best out of influencer marketing in the coming year, ensure to make micro/nano influencers a part of your marketing campaign.

Key takeaway

Influencer marketing is an effective way of digital marketing agency in bangalore. It helps spread brand awareness, gain credibility, generate more leads and drive higher sales in a cost saving manner. Those considering this mode of promotion or seeking to optimize it need to take care of a few things in 2021. Concentrate more on video content, be diverse and inclusive, keep it real and sort to micro level influencers. This way, you will be able to get the best out of influencer marketing in the New Year.

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