Sending out commercial messages to a group of people through emails, known as email marketing, is an important branch of digital marketing. Thus, it is crucial for online businesses to ensure they are doing it right. With our list of dos and don’ts of email marketing, you can ensure a sound email marketing structure for your business.

Email marketing, if done right, can help strengthen your brand and improve your lead generation. This is because it allows you to build and maintain relationship with your prospects, leads, and customers. This type of marketing also allows you to reach your customers and prospects in real-time. Along with being highly effective, it is also cost effective. Thus, it is a choice of many small businesses.

However, there are a few email marketing practices that can have an adverse effect on your business. Hence, it is important to understand what to practice and what to avoid while sending commercial emails. Below are the lists of dos and don’ts for email marketing-

Dos of email marketing

We will begin with things that you should do when using emails for digital marketing of your business. Make sure your practice the following.

Build an email list

If you think sending emails on random email addresses will help you generate leads, you are sorely mistaken. The first step of email marketing is to define your audience. To make sure you send emails to people interested in your products and/or services, build your email list by inviting your website visitors to subscribe. This approach will ensure a higher rate of lead generation than sending mails to random people.

Set a goal

Why do you need email marketing? What is your objective? There are certain questions you’d need answers to before beginning with your campaign. Businesses use email marketing for a number of reasons like increasing engagement, interacting with prospects and existing customers, sharing valuable content, sending discounts and coupons, giving updates, informing about upcoming events and so on. Before you set out sending commercial emails, know your objectives. It will help you decide your email type and content.

Stand out with your heading

Most probably your business is not the only one whom your audience have subscribed to. In their inbox, there must be emails from other businesses as well. To make sure that the receiver opens your mail, it is crucial that you stand out with your heading. Have an arresting heading that compels your receiver to click on your email.

Be concise

This applies to both, the heading of your email and its content. No one has time for reading long commercial emails. If you really want your commercial email to be read, keep it short and to the point.

Use effective CTA

It is through Call to Action buttons that email marketing generate leads and make purchase happen. Placing effective CTA buttons in your emails is crucial to invoke instant action. For example, if you’re giving a discount coupon, you could use a CTA button labelled “Avail now” and encourage the receiver to take action.

Don’ts of email marketing

Once you’re through with the things to do, you should also take care of things to avoid while doing email marketing. Make it a point to avoid the following practices.

Don’t spam

If you hate seeing your inbox filled with spam emails, know that your audience would feel the same. Spamming your receivers’ email inbox can lead them to unsubscribe from your emails. Thus, make it a point to not send too many emails.

Avoid trigger words

There are some specific words that can make Gmail associate you with spammers. This can make your message end up in the spam-box. Thus, it is crucial to stay clear of any spam related keywords in your content and heading.

Don’t mislead

Putting misleading heading can’t be justified for attention grabbing. You might succeed in grabbing your receivers’ attention for a second but as soon as they go through your email content, you’ll lose on lead for good. Therefore, do not try to trick people into opening your email through misleading headings.

Don’t send heavy loading emails

Most of the people access their email accounts through mobile phone. Thus, it is crucial to make sure that your email is easily accessible on mobile. Employing heavy loading media types in your email would make it difficult to load on mobile phones. Hence, you should avoid sending such emails.

Wrapping up

Email marketing holds great potential as a digital marketing tactic. Through this, you can increase engagement, generate leads, build brand and do many more things. However, if not practiced right, it can have some adverse effects. Thus, it is import to know dos and don’ts of email marketing before practicing it.

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