If 2020 was the year of product marketing-focused, short-form video, and content can be proven ROI, it seems 2020 will be the year of the audio experience, innovation data, and e-commerce applications.

Here are five developments that Digital Marketing Agencies in Southampton will shape the content of marketing in 2020, of a new platform for fundamental way people will discover and consume content.

Yep, that “the voice of the revolution” is still something
In 2020, 30% of all searches will be performed using the device without a screen, and in 2024 smart speaker market-based global voice could be worth $ 30 billion (£ 23 billion). This raises some big questions for marketers. How do we explain the shift in how users consume and engage with content sound? How will voice content rank? Whether there will be an opportunity to optimize the visibility of audio content and engagement? Well, to start:

Paying attention to how you structure your content for accurate data markup will be worth its weight in gold. In 2020, you do not just aim for the status of in-your-rich pieces SERPs goal is to be the result read by the voice assistant.
Rethink how you measure the success of your web content; click to your site matter less in the age of sound.
As predicted last year, 20% of mobile search now based voice and 40% of adults use voice search everyday. As a result, the brands most sharply focused less on keywords. Instead, they create the content, the more natural conversational tone and focuses on user intent. As with any technology, your audience should tell how deep you have to invest from the perspective of content. Rapid absorption of tools and devices showed that the noise will continue to grow as the ecosystem interactions in the future. See our free voice search for the white paper for more.

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Discover, chat, shop: a platform to oversee
Video continues to grow in 2020, look out for NTWRK, a website and iPhone application that combines video with e-commerce to give fans new merch my right from their favorite brands. Very experienced driven, lively features, shoppable digital episode hosted by pop culture personality. With investors including LeBron James, Warner Brothers, Drake, and Live Nation, NTWRK allows brands to promote products without the logistical challenges of physical events-although they plan to have live events in the future.

NTWRK show merchandise

On chat and future product discoveries Kik, instant messaging applications among the 10 most popular application among US teens: 70% of users aged between 13 and 24 years, a third of them use Kik message friends and brands. Brand has bots in Kik and users incentives to chat directly with them and consume content to get cryptocurrency called Kin. There are interactive quizzes and games, while the brand also can provide branded GIF users that increase brand awareness and sentiment online. Collaboration between Kik and Paramount for the film TMNT collect a total of 147.5 million impressions and 21 million messages. Marketer’s dream! This platform was acquired by MediaLab, indications of potential growth opportunities for this application.

Email will be the best performing channels
savvy marketers know that the perception of email as the old school, outdated improper channels. Email actually performing channels that give brands the opportunity to not only communicate with their audience one-on-one but also directly measure its success. In 2020 and beyond, personalized email content will establish itself as the norm rather than “nice to have”, especially in the maintenance and retention strategies. Consumers have been demanding content that is relevant to their needs for some time now, and next year we Digital Marketing Companies Southampton will see a very low tolerance for mass marketing in the form of redundant, non-segmented blast email (or spam, in other words!).

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