Machines and software demonstrating natural intelligence have existed from long now. So much to that Artificial Intelligence has become a part of almost every person’s life. There is virtually not sector that hasn’t been swayed by AI technology in some or the other way. Data, robotics, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are some of the technologies that AI has parented. Like every new year, 2021 has brought new Artificial Intelligence trends.

From about last couple of decades, cinema has been predicting the invention of flying cars. Well, technology has come a long way. We’re close to getting flying cars. And it’s not just limited to automobile sector.

Artificial Intelligence has been increasing refining every day. It is considerably shaping the way of the world. People are becoming more and more comfortable relying on AI integrated devices and software apps. The latest news, the weather update, controls of your apartment’s temperature, your toaster—everything’s just a click away, or even just a voice command away. This is how far AI has come.

From data handling, staff management to digital marketing and other business operations, businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on AI technology. Hence, as a business owner/marketer, you need to stay updated on emerging AI trends.

Top 5 trends that are going to define Artificial Intelligence in 2021

Artificial Intelligence Trends

#1. AI is going to become bigger.

This should come as no surprise. The way how rapidly AI is innovating, it is naturally going to get bigger in 2021. For example, many online businesses have already been using AI powered ChatBots on their websites to improve the process of digital marketing agency in Bristol. This trend is taking a form of norm. This is just one example how AI is expanding in ecommerce.

Artificial Intelligence is going to largely redefine the way businesses store and handle their data, produce goods, manage staff, deal with customers, and conducts other operations. Smart businesses have already optimized their businesses with high-tech AI automation and the rest are following. Therefore, to stay competent in the market that awaits in 2021, maximize AI automation in your business.

#2. Increase in demand for ethics in AI.

Earlier, businesses didn’t have to pay much attention to what impact their use of AI made in terms of ethics. However now, consumers and employees are becoming increasingly concerned in this regard. People are now more conscious when choosing companies they want to engage with. The fashion in which a business employs AI plays a major role in this decision.

Below are some of the most pressing ethical concerns regarding AI use:

Use of AI is threatening people’s jobs.

  • The problem of assigning responsibility and accountability if AI makes mistakes?
  • Letting AI systems tackle sensitive issues.
  • AI and pervasive surveillance.
  • Transparency in AI decision making systems.

#3. Artificial Intelligence meets IoT

In 2021, smart technology is only going to get smarter. This is because Internet of Things (IoT) powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to become prevalent this year. This combination is famously known as Artificial Intelligence of Things. The emergence of AIoT has been dominating the technology industry. As the experts believe, it is going to change the shape of industrial automation and will only become more prevalent in future.

IoT generally ships your data or command to the cloud and acts according to the signals received from there. With AI integration, IoT devices will be able to make their decisions on their own and act fast. Thus, this technological union will result in faster and smoother output process.

This being the reason, more and more businesses are moving towards integration of Artificial Intelligence.

#4. Cyber-security is going to be more dependent on AI.

AI-powered cyber-security of is going to be one big trend for 2021. Safety and security in cyberspace is one the very sensitive issues. Internet has a massive amount of data being frequently created and posted all over it. This makes tracking cyber-attacks and security breaches difficult. To overcome this problem, webmasters are sorting to AI.

Effectively scanning for cyber-security issues is difficult with unintelligent software technology. Thus, AI powered cyber-security solutions is the future. This is another important concern for online businesses. Your malicious competitors can manipulate and undermine your digital marketing and SEO efforts by breaking your website’s security. Therefore, benefit from this AI trend and sort to AI powered cyber-security solutions.

#5. Heightened demand for AI-enabled chips

Functions of an AI powered device require more power than those with non-AI functions. This is because Artificial Intelligence has to process a lot more data. Hence, effective functioning of AI needs a high processing power.

Therefore, there has been an exponential growth in the innovations of processing hardware for AI integrated devices. Since AI has been predicted to grow bigger in 2021, naturally, the demand for more powerful hardware is going to rise. Hence, this year will see emergence of powerful hardware solutions that enable smoother facilitation of Ai technology.

AI trends 2021 in a nutshell

Artificial Intelligence is one of the kings ruling technology industry. In the present time, there is practically no sector that is untouched by it. Ecommerce is one such domain. From production, data handling, digital marketing, staff management, to customer care and many of other departments—companies are becoming exceedingly dependent of AI. Therefore, as a business owner or marketer, it is important to keep track of the AI trends every succeeding year brings. In 2021, AI will further strengthen its hold on different sectors. The demand for ethical AI and AI-enabled chips is also going to rise. Moreover, AI is going to deepen its root in cyber-security. Make sure you catch up on these important trends to stay in the game in 2021.

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