Facebook, the social media giant, is the most preferred tool for digital marketing. Whether you want to target audience, make followers, or sell your products, Facebook plays indeed a great role for achieving all your marketing goals. If you want to get something from Facebook advertising (FA), don’t consider it for short-term goal rather think about the big picture. Nevertheless, some marketers consider it useless to post ads on FB because their strategies don’t lead to a strong conversion rate.

facebook advertising
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That’s where you need professional’s help to boost your Facebook advertising and that’s where citiesagencies comes to help you with that.

So, let’s dive in and look at the top strategies.

Citiesagencies strategies to boost your Facebook advertising

Before we talk about the FA strategies, you need to know who citiesagncies is. So, citiesagencies is a prominent digital marketing agency helping marketers in achieving their business goals. Let’s see how citiesagencies help you with Facebook advertising:

☞ Create strong, appealing, and attractive ad copies

The very first strategy which we use is to develop an attractive ad copies for FB advertising. No wonder, Facebook ads are visually appeared on Google and on FB itself but creating a compelling ad text copy is as important as infographics. So, we have experts who know how to create wonder and compelling ad text copy which can easily target your audience worldwide.

☞ Help you engage and reach out to your audience

Without targeting your audience, there is no worth of creating Facebook ads, right. If you aren’t able to target audience, who will you sell your products? Therefore, we know plenty of ways to target your audience. We focus on:

  • Location of the audience
  • Gender of people
  • Behavior
  • Interest and preferences  
  • And connection of people who have liked your products

So, before we publish your ads, we make sure to have research on these points thoroughly.

☞ Adding direct call-to-action

If your ad copy doesn’t contain any direct call-to-action, how will people purchase your products? That’s why you need to include call-to-action button that leads them to your website and from there they can make a purchase. This is how we help you bring your customers to your website. No matter how creative FB ad copy you create, if there is no call-to-action, your ad is of no use. That’s why we help you with that.

☞ Adding video ad copy

Today, text and images no more work. People like watching short, compelling, and creative videos that can easily attract the audience eyes. Some marketers just don’t know how to create compelling video ad copy or leverage them into ads, that’ why we also include video ad in our Facebook ad strategy. We follow some tips to create a compelling ad:

  • We add subtitles to the video
  • Build a catchy and authentic video title
  • We make crisp, short, and precise video

We also know how to create a GIF. No doubt, a short video becomes a great way to attract audience.

☞ Perfect ad placements

Ad placement is very important for perfect targeting audience, right. And not all ads on Facebook are perfectly placed. So, if you’re new to Facebook advertising, you may not be able to know which place is good for placing ads on Facebook. Should you worry about it? Not at all if citiesgancies is here to help you with that. We help marketers run ads on different locations on Facebook which include:

  • On mobile, desktop & laptop timeline
  • The big audience network
  • Instagram
  • FB messenger
  • Twitter platform

Moreover, you can choose the devices on which you want to place ads on which include: desktop, mobile, and all devices. Also, remember one thing that FB ads work far better when you know your goal.

The bottom line

A compelling ad Facebook copy is very important if you want to achieve your online marketing goals. No matter how creative and effective ad copy you create, but if you don’t know exact place to run these ads, you may fail in your strategy. So, if your goal is to promote your business or service on social media, then reach out to us at citiesagencies.com. You can get in touch with us and solve your queries if you have any. We make sure to provide you valuable solutions and work with you in long term.