Having a responsive website is a boon for marketers in today’s competitive digital marketing landscape. A responsive website is a website that adapts to all screen sizes, resolution on every device be it desktop, laptop, tablets or mobile device. As a business, if you don’t have a responsive website, you may lose a lot of traffic and conversion to your site. And having such website is of no use. What to do? What practice to follow to make web design a responsive one? If you have these questions in mind, you’re at right place.

responsive web design

Here in this article, you’ll learn how Curvearro, a renowned digital marketing agency helps you with responsive web design.

So, let’s get started and jump in.

These are Curvearro’s best practices for responsive web design

#Making website mobile responsive

The very first approach to make web design responsive is to make it mobile-responsive first. Today, majority of web traffic on Google comes from mobile devices only. In fact, majority of people use mobile devices to access websites so we at curvearro make sure to make your website mobile-optimized. We offer clients number of responsive web designs that will fit your website easily.

#Adding call-to-action button

A lot of marketers make a mistake by not adding call-to-action button. The whole purpose of building a website is to get as many conversion or sales leads as possible. And it is only possible if you add call-to-action button in it. So, if you don’t know where and how to add call-to-action button in your website, Curvearro is here to help you with that. You no need to worry about anything.

#Design website for thumbs

A responsive website is one which is easily accessible and use on mobile devices. Using website on desktop is far different than using website on mobile devices. On mobile, people use their fingers and thumbs to easily click on the pages or links they want to read. So, there is a big physical difference for people who’re accessing mobile devices via desktop and mobile devices. Curvearro knows what will work for your website once we thoroughly inspect everything.

#Adding responsive images

Images and infographics are huge and crucial part of your website. Like text content plays a significant role in ranking your overall website, same way images of the website are crucial. People easily get attracted to pictures which are attractive, appealing, and catchy. But not every image size fits both desktop and mobile devices. If any image is responsive and opens in desktop may not open in mobile devices and vice versa. But experts at Curvearro knows how to make images responsive both on desktop and mobile devices.

#Proper location of navigational menu bars

It is easier to find navigational buttons on desktop or laptops if you’re accessing website. But if a user is accessing your website on his mobile device and fails to find any navigation bar, he will immediately leave your website. This will increase your bounce rate as well. If you don’t know how to show navigation buttons then Curvearro is here to help. A proper navigation menu is good way of keeping layout simple.

#Put important information on the top

To make website design more responsive and easily accessible, it’s better if you keep important information on the top of your website. Keep telephone number, contact information, call to action, buy now, etc. button on the top. There is no doubt that mobile users want information as quickly as possible. So, keeping information on the top will work wonderfully. We help marketers follow all the tips which help them keep information on the top.

The bottom line

A responsive web design is very important in today’s competitive marketing landscape. If your website is not responsive and doesn’t open on time, you will see high bounce rate. So, it’s better if you follow the tips which are enlisted in this article. Also, Curvearro should be your first priority if you really want to make your website a responsive one to win today’s market competition. And for any kind of query or information, just get in touch with us. We’ll solve your problem instantly.