The first and foremost aim of Creative Digital Marketing Agency in Edinburgh  is to generate more leads. It is quite obvious because lead generation is the only way you can get more revenue to your site. The more the lead generation is, the more ROI (Return on Investment) you will yield from your marketing. With the rapid digitization, businesses are realizing that this world is no longer belongs to marketers but to consumers. Therefore, marketers must work on ideas that can help them get more genuine leads. Without getting leads, marketing is worthless. Today, B2C (Business to Customer) marketing is much in demand than B2B (Business to Business) marketing.

As a B2C marketing firm, you must know how you can get more genuine leads. Are you ready to learn the marketing ideas to get more leads for your business? Keep reading the article below.

# Boost your social media presence

In most of my articles, I write first about social media. It is because social media is the most powerful tool in digital marketing. Marketers use social media platforms to attract consumers and know their buying behavior. As per the study, 51% of Facebook users and 67% of Twitter users will most likely purchase recommendations from brands they are a fan of or a follower of. The majority of your customers you will find on social media platforms only. Therefore you need to strengthen the presence of your brand on it.

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# Hold a contest

If you look at the lead generation strategy, Digital Marketing Agencies in Brighton   would say this is the most effective way to connect to your customers. Basically you give them a reason to connect to you. When you hold a contest, you engage with your audience and consumers to exposure your brand products. In the context, you can talk about your brands, features, benefits, and price. The more information you provide to your customers, the more lead generation you will get.

# Create promotional videos

Video content is the most used tool to get the attention of customers. Over 50% of global marketers believe that video content is the strategy with the best return on investment (ROI). When you produce a video highlighting your company’s products and services, you actually get your customers familiar with your brand. Today, people like to watch videos more than reading content. Therefore, to get more lead generation, you can produce videos that can yield you high ROI.

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