To help digital marketers, Google introduced a tool known as Google Trends that tells about the popularity of specific searches on Google and YouTube through a range of data and graphs. Want to learn the best ways to use Google Trends for SEO? Read and find out.

Billions of internet searches are run using Google and a multitude of results are displayed for each search. Since the top-most results have the highest probability to be clicked on; online businesses seek to rank higher in Google SERPs. For fruitful search engine optimization, understanding search patterns are necessary.

To gain a competitive edge, marketers sort to various digital marketing software tools. Launched in 2006 and the last update in 2018, Google Trends is one of the most underutilized SEO tools. It is absolutely free and has many benefits to offer. You can find what’s trending in a particular industry, region, or based on different themes, topics, and subjects. And you know you can trust these statistics because the source is reliable.

To help you get the best out of Google Trends, we have created a list of ways you can use it to improve your Google ranking and visibility.

Top 5 ways Google Trends can improve SEO

Google Trends for SEO

1. Find out relevant keywords

Keywords are the linchpin of search engine optimization. Therefore, keywords are given particular attention in content marketing. With Google Trends, you can find out the right terms with ease.

Google Trends lets you find out how many people searched for a particular query. Moreover, you can filter your search for more meaningful results by using different adjustable segments. This will help you get a better understanding of your target audience’s search queries and what keywords they use.

The term search data is represented through different graphs and statistics. Further, you can filter the term’s popularity results with adjustable options for the country, time period, category, and search type. Hence, you will be able to better decipher search intent and interpret keywords with increased accuracy.

2. Get insight into related topics and queries

Content marketing lies at the base of SEO agencies in Brighton. It requires consistent production of quality material. For high Google ranking and visibility, it is imperative to regularly post fresh content. However, a lack of ideas is a common obstacle when it comes to maintaining a steady flow of content.

Google Trends can help you solve this very problem. Using this tool, you can find out popular topics and queries related to your concerned terms. This will help you create a list of ideas you can write about. Moreover, the topics and queries it shows are sorted according to prevalence. Therefore, writing about such trending topics can increase your chances of appearing in the top results.

3. Improve your local SEO

When it comes to determining the local popularity of a search term, Google Trends can come really handy. Not only can you determine country-specific search trends, but you can also go much minuter. You can further break it down into subregions, metros, and cities.

Local SEO is crucial if you are trying to attain high Google ranking and visibility based on your physical site. Search trends in your concerned geographical area can greatly affect your local SEO efforts. Therefore, you’d need to determine how marketable your brand is in a particular region.

Hence, sorting to Google Trends can help you attain high ranking in location specific searches and Google Maps listings.

4. Study trends in context of time

Some trends fluctuate very frequently and some enjoy consistent popularity. If you are using a keyword, you need to understand its nature in relation to time. This helps you determine best suitable term for SEO at different points of time.

For example, the term “Christmas Sale” peaks in December and is low-lying rest of the year. So, you’d know to use this term only around that time. However, if you want to produce evergreen content, go for those keywords which have a consistent popularity throughout the year.

Furthermore, you can also find out those terms which have become obsolete and are barely in use now. Knowing this will help you drop unprofitable keywords.

5. Improve your image and video ranking

The days are gone when keyword placement in blogs could suffice, it’s 2021. Images and videos have become an indispensable factor when optimizing a business for search engines. Therefore, it is important to create keyword-charged images and video descriptions, Alt attributes, etc.

If you want to improve your ranking in Google’s Image search and YouTube Video search, Google Trends can be a real help. Just run a query for the desired terms and set the search type as YouTube to see video search trends. This can additionally help you with YouTube marketing. This works a similar way for images. Just click Image as the search type. And this way, you will get valuable insight into image and video search keywords.


Google Trends is a free, underrated, and highly effective SEO tool. It can greatly help in optimizing your site for Google and help it enjoy high ranking and visibility. You can find out relevant keywords, know profitable related topics and queries, improve local SEO, study the life of keywords, and make your images and videos rank higher. By using Google Trends the right way, you can take your digital marketing strategy a step further.

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