Google has recently launched Google My Business Video Maker using which business owner and marketers can create videos for their business. Read this article to find out what Google My Business Video Maker is and how it works.

But before that, let’s make sure you understand what Google My Business is. Havinga Google My Business account is equivalent to and as important as having a signboard outside your brick and mortar business establishment. It’s a free tool that lets you manage the presence of your business across Google. You can accurately locate your business on Google Maps, put important details about your business like key services, opening & closing hours, add relevant photos, etc. This helps people find your business.

For digital marketing and SEO, it is crucial to regularly update your Google My Business profile by adding new & correcting outdated information, uploading new photos of your business, answering to customer reviews and so on.

Videos on Google My Business

Earlier, business owners and marketers were dependent upon Google Local Guides to make videos for their business and upload it. Thus, they had no control over the videos associated to their business.

Videos on Google My Business
Drag and drop the video to the box.

In 2018, Google finally allowed businesses to add videos to their business page themselves.This has been a really helpful move. Now, people can find videos associated to a business in the local listing and search results. By uploading appealing videos of your business, you can hook your audience and generate more leads. Uploading videos of different aspects of your business can help attract different types of customers.

Like, for a Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai, businesses can upload different videos related to various services offered by them like Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, etc. This will help them appeal to different customers seeking different services.

What is Google My Business Video Maker?

Clearly, making and uploading videos for your business is important. This calls for the need to have an effective video maker tool. Given so, Google has launched its very own video maker tool for business. With Google My Business Video Maker, businesses can create videos to put on their business profile.

How does Google My Business Video Maker work?

When customers find your business on Google, they’ll find an option to see more photos. Upon clicking it, they’ll be able to see photos related to your business. That’s where your video section is. If you keep it updated with enticing videos, you can generate more leads. Below, you will find out how to create videos using Google My Business Video Maker.

According to Google, this tool is available for businesses in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Australia and New Zealand. However, only US businesses are currently able to access it.

How to make videos through Google My Business Video Maker?

  1. Open the tool and enter the name of your business. (For this, your business has to be on Google’s business list.)
  2. When you find your business, select it.
  3. You will have to answer a few questions about your business that the video maker will ask you. The tool will edit your responses along with some photos and reviews from your Google Business profile to create your video.
  4. When the tool is done with video making, it will allow you to customize that video. You can pick a style and choose music for your video, edit your responses and swap photos.
  5. Google will take a little time to prepare your video. Once it’s ready, download your video and post on your Google My Business profile. Also share it on social media and other internet platforms.


With Google’s new update, you can create videos for your business. The end results are okay. Videos created through Google My Business video maker aren’t that great but neither bad. If you want a simple video that features a couple of your business details, photos, reviews etc. you can definitely go for it. However, customization on this video maker is limited and there is too much of Google which towers over your business details. Not sure if it can make any substantial difference in your digital marketing but it won’t hurt to try.

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