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Just like other trends, it is important to stay fresh on website designs to stay ahead in the internet marketing game. To cover that one for you, we have brought you some best website design tips to help you gear up for 2021.

2020 events have changed the ways of the world for good. Media consumption and internet browsing has increased more than ever and this has set some new standards for business websites. It is crucial to have an engaging, user friendly and effective website to attract more visitors. Check out some of the best website design practices to make your website 2021 standard ready!

10 Best Website Design Practice For 2021

1. Fast Website Loading and Page Speed

Obviously, nobody likes waiting and with a large number of alternatives available, your visitor tends to move to the next best option if your site takes too long to load. Thus, ensuring a fast website loading and page speed is the most important point to be kept in mind while upgrading your website for 2021.

2. Use Smart Content Load

Being locked down in their homes for months, one thing the people have done the most on the internet is scrolling. People love to scroll whenever they find an interesting website. It is important to incorporate lazy loading technology in your website to help your visitors have a smooth and more enjoyable experience. Lazy loading makes sure that the browser downloads only the content that is visible and not waste data and time downloading offscreen content.

3. Personalized Content

The idea is to make the most relevant information readily available. By tracking your visitor’s location and browsing history you can best identify what he/she might prefer and what might be the best fit for them. This will help them have a great user experience. Efficient tracking of your visitors’ location and internet interactions and serving them with content based on that is a must have feature to make your website future ready.

4. Progressive Profiling Framework

To have a lead generation form on the website is important for digital marketing since the more information we can get about our visitor, the better. However, presenting visitors with a form that has too many fields is not ideal. With Progressive Profiling Framework, you can collect relevant information on your leads in bits by strategically placing forms containing just about a couple of labels or so at every level as they journey towards conversion. Along with improving the user’s experience, it helps marketers to have more qualified leads sent down the sales funnel and improve conversion. This can be achieved by employing a CRM tool for your website like Hubspot, Marketo, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive etc.

5. Humanized Chatbots

Chatbots have become a popular feature on websites from quite sometime now. The real is now to have chatbots that can connect more personally with the visitors. For example, depending upon the user’s data, chatbots can provide them with personalized information (like offers, deals, discounts that the user qualifies for or may be interested in it). Many websites have successfully incorporated this feature and along with making their websites more interactive and enabling a great user experience, it also cuts costs on customer support services a big time.

6. Voice Chatbots

Now this isn’t really a trend yet but with Google having incorporated voice activated interface, some websites are also moving towards voice chatbots, it’s safe to say that voice integration system is the future. Having voice chatbots on your website can be your move to be ahead of the pack.

7. ADA Compliance

ADA compliance is not only a legal compulsion for many business websites, it is also crucial for those not obliged by the law because it helps increase the reachability of the business in a virtual plane. Inclusivity and accessibility of websites is sure to gain more preferability in 2021.

8. Increasing Interactivity

To engage visitors, it is important to have an engaging website. One efficient way of doing this is increasing interactivity on your site. This can be achieved in various ways by incorporating tools like interesting polls, quizzes, calculators, chatbots, etc that may be relevant to your visitors.

9. Animation and VR

Animation is sure not a new thing but it is gaining popularity rapidly now and to keep up with the trends of 2021, it’s a must have. Incorporating small animations here and there at relevant places in your website can make it more interesting. Also it will add for a great user experience. For example, many online clothing stores have incorporated such animation features using which their customers can visualize how a certain outfit or accessory will look after wearing. Similarly, VR is also one amazing technology that can make your website appear more intriguing. The best part is that not many websites have hopped on this one yet and if you act on it immediately, you can really stand out in 2021. Information gained through visual means is always more impactful and through VR and animations you can give your visitors a more meaningful and useful experience.

10. Mobile Friendliness

This point though is placed at the last, it is the most important website design practice for 2021. Even Google has specifically dedicated itself in improving mobile user experience because it understands that most of the users access the internet through mobile only. With more and more organizations working on improving mobile users’ experience on their website, having a mobile friendly interface is a must for 2021 standard websites.

Summing up

These are some of the predicted trends for 2021 website designs. The main takeaway is to upgrade your website with the intention of improving user experience. Make your website more useful, engaging, accessible and future ready with these design practices.

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