Online Reputation Management

ORM or Online Reputation Management, as the name suggests, implies managing the online reputation of a business. The idea is to monitor and improve how your business appears in front of potential buyers, reporters, partners and investors on the internet. To have a stainless reputation is essential for every business and hence ORM is an indispensable part of internet marketing.

SEO focuses on increasing the reach and visibility of your business virtually. But it is not only about being famous on the internet. For example, being caught in a scandal and having your business’s name appear in the top results definitely won’t be how you want to see your business getting online popularity. Just like that, rumours and misinformation are other unwanted scenarios. Thus, the objective of Online Reputation Management is to make sure that when someone makes a Google search for your business, not only does your business appear in the top results but it should be so for all the good reasons.

In this article, we’re going to talk about some…

Do’s and Don’ts of Online Reputation Management

Lets start of with some-

# Do’s

– Check your social media impression

In the current times, only maintaining your website can’t suffice for any business. Your social media also plays a big role in creating the online reputation of your business. You should perform regular searches for your company’s name on different social media platforms to gain insights into consumer sentiments towards your company.

– Ask happy customers for reviews

When a consumer considers buying from a new company, the first thing he/she does is look for Google ratings and reviews of that company. In such a case, positive reviews can be really beneficial for your company to gain new customers. When you know you have delivered a satisfactory service to a customer, encourage him/her to write a Google review for your website.

– Quick replies

Okay, it’s a given that everybody hates late replies. If someone tries to reach out to your company, respond to them promptly. Be it a query or a complaint, even if you can’t solve the issue immediately, at least address your customer’s concerns and to do so as soon as possible. Even Facebook allows its users to see how quickly a business responds when they open its page. A higher response rate is good for your company’s reputation.

– Maintain Transparency

Information has become too readily available on the internet. Hence, lying or covering up your lies is not really going to work. To ensure a positive online image of your company, it is crucial to practice honest communication and digital marketing. If someone posts a complaint or a query publicly directed towards your company, don’t try to hide or delete it. Instead, acknowledge it and assure the person that the best will be done to resolve their issue. People do notice how you respond to your consumers and this greatly influences your social impression online.

# Don’ts

Having talked about the do’s, there are certain things you should avoid doing for efficient Online Reputation Management

– Don’t be impulsive

Sometimes, when you do research on how your company appears in the eyes of online spectators, the results might be disappointing. Now this can be really nerve-racking. While it is the most difficult time to stay calm, it is the most crucial time to be. Don’t be impulsive. Don’t retaliate. It will only harm your company’s reputation.

– Don’t focus on the negative only

It is indeed crucial to identify problems and to try resolving them but giving too much attention to the negatives can cause a compromise on the positive part. You may find a few negative reviews or some rumours on the internet about your company. One way can be to try clearing your name and the other can be to build on your company’s strength. The best option lies between these two. Just remember not to direct all your attention on amending the negative. What’s done can’t be undone but it can be learnt from to do further better.

– Don’t be quick to judge

A few negative reviews does not mean the end of the world. Many companies have successfully turned their customers’ grievances into an opportunity to better themselves and market based on that improvement. If you find yourself beleaguered, try to take it constructively. Regardless, there will always be some unappeasable customers. There’s no way to please everyone.


Online Marketing Reputation is one of the fundamental components of digital marketing and it is important to ensure that your company leaves a positive impression in the online world. With following these do’s and don’ts, you can make certain an efficient Online Marketing Reputation.

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