A few months ago I moved house and I was desperately looking for a mattress or I had to sleep on the floor. Since I have absolutely no time, I did not make my research at home and I Digital Marketing Agencies in Southampton rely on technology: I have an iPhone, we live in a time where everything is intelligent, connected and super fast.

Well, if you are looking for strong emotions and want to go beyond your limits, you need only two things: a rush and slow, very very slow connections.

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This kind of frustration is more and more common among mobile phone users, especially now that most of the content that is delivered via video.

Last year mobile searchers overtaking desktops for the first time in the world and with a more powerful smartphone and a larger, tablet and PC sales did not grow.

As the majority of users of mobile searchers, during the last months of 2016 Google has been testing the first index that separates mobile phones and mobile results.With first desktop indexing, now Google’s list and ranks search results by using a mobile version of the content, web crawling is no longer from the perspective of the desktop browser , In other words, Google prefers mobile version of the site rather than the desktop version.

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Meanwhile, since 2015 the markup  has been conceived to improve web page load speed and the user starts viewing the content in the search results with lightning logo .

What is ?

The Accelerate Mobile Home () project is an open source initiative that companies like Reddit, Bing, eBay, WordPress, Twitter, Pinterest, collaborate in order to improve the user experience of search help publishers better reach their audiences across the world, on every platform and device. It is based on existing web technologies and it is part of the HTML for the page authoring content, developed to optimize page load speed mobile version of the website. Also,  allows to create lightweight Web pages to upload and download content at extremely high Digital Marketing Companies in Southampton speed. Once the content is created and optimized, can be loaded everywhere instantly.

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