Years come and go, and so do the trends in the online market. To master the art of marketing on digital platforms requires a lot of things. One of the most important of such things is to understand trends. What are the leaning points of digital consumers? Where is the market headed? What will be trending in the digital marketing world this year? If that’s what you are trying to find out, we have just the answers!

Digital Marketing

Many marketing and advertising tactics that were once cool may now be useless (in many cases, even bad). As increasing globalization and digitalization has spoilt consumer with options, the trends keep changing so rapidly. Every other day, there comes a new product or upgrades. And with the internet, everything’s just a click away.

“Change is the only constant.”

In the world that we live in, this saying couldn’t be more true. In the highly competitive market, businesses are pushing their limits and the current consumer keeps looking for something better. Those who learn to read and anticipate trends right are the ones who continue to enjoy high conversions.

Therefore, in order for your business to thrive in the present-day market, you need to be familiar with these…

Trends in 2021 digital marketing world

#eCommerce is expanding more than ever

The events of the last year have forced people to stay inside their homes for months. As a result, the demand for eCommerce increased like anything. So much so that now even with the return of the physical market place, a great number of people continue to buy online.

#The digital marketing will become more competitive

There came a point in last year that the physical markets almost went through extinction. Hence for survival, many businesses digitalized their operations. As a result of this movement, a vast variety of substitutes is now available for almost every type of product on the internet. In fact, the number of businesses joining the eCommerce is still increasing. Hence, this has made the online market more competitive.

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#Increasing mobile users

Look up whatever stats, you may find a bit of difference in the numbers but all of them will tell you the same thing—the number of mobile internet users is rapidly increasing. Most of the online shopping is done through mobile phones.

The number of people doing online shopping through mobile phones has long surpassed the number of those using desktops for the same. So while this is not a new thing, how this trend is growing is worth noticing. This calls for a greater-than-ever need to optimize for mobile phones. Hence, make sure that your business’s websites and other online sources are optimized in a way that gives a great user experience to your mobile customers.

#Voice search is becoming bigger

The convenience of commanding through voice is making voice search expand more than ever. Do you want to know the current temperature? The most trending songs? Best digital marketing agencies in Pune? All you need to do is command your Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri and you’ll know.

Just like that, the number of people using voice search for business-related queries is also increasing. This calls for the need to optimize for the voice search as well. Hence, this is one of the things that are going to shape SEO in 2021.

#Artificial Intelligence to deepen its roots in eCommerce

Although Artificial Intelligence has been in use in eCommerce for a long, the trend is only increasing. More and more online businesses are using AI to achieve higher efficiency. This is no different when it comes to digital marketing. eCommerce organizations are increasingly sorting to AI to provide their customers with intelligent product recommendations and assistance. In many cases, it also helps them understand and visualize products better.

Hence, by enabling a better customer experience through AI, businesses are enjoying higher conversion rates and better growth. Therefore, to stay competitive in the 2021 online market, it is important to catch up on this growing trend.

#User generated content is the new word-of-mouth

Marketing based on user-generated content is an extremely effective means for digital marketing. It has a number of benefits. Businesses sorting to UGC marketing enjoy high social media reach and other Search Engine Optimization perks. Moreover, this type of content is the most trusted by customers. And there is a number of many other benefits.

Customers trust what other customers have to say about your brand more than what you say. Hence with UGC becoming bigger every day, it has become the new word-of-mouth. This is one important digital marketing trend to look out for in 2021.

#Inclusion and diversity is to become all the more important

People are becoming increasingly sensitized towards the issues of discrimination based on various grounds— like race, sexual orientation, and so on. This is also reflected in the eCommerce trends. More and more customers have now come to expect inclusion and diversity in digital marketing. Therefore, if this isn’t something you haven’t focused on earlier, it is time you do now.

The demand for inclusion and diversity is the greatest when it comes to influencer marketing. Therefore, if you use this form of marketing, make sure you have a diverse team of influencers to market your brand.

Wrapping up

Every other day, there is some new trend in the eCommerce world. One can only wonder how much change every year. Therefore for effective digital marketing, it is important to catch up on these trends. The list above records some of the key marketing trends for the online world in 2021. It all boils down to enabling a great user experience for customers and focusing on building credibility and trustworthiness. Moreover, sensitivity is increasingly becoming a significant part of digital marketing. Therefore, make sure you consider all these trends when planning for marketing in 2021.

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