Digital marketing is a well-known term today and other associated terms like social media marketing, content marketing are also pretty known. But did you know about email marketing? If you are new to this domain then don’t worry you will get to know what is email marketing and its importance in this article.

Email marketing has been around for a while now and it has proved to be a great way of marketing. It is a direct and efficient way of connecting to your potential customers, bolstering them and trying to convert them into loyal customers. Some people think sending emails is a deed of the past. But it is not true. Email still has its importance. Even today email is the top platform used for sending important documents and files. Hence email marketing is not ‘no more’. Email marketing has ranked as the most effective marketing channel defeating social media, SEO or affiliate marketing. First of all let’s get to the basics

What is email marketing?

what is email marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to build a connection with your audience. Using email marketing you can send important information about your product and services to the leads. Then work is done in order to convert them into permanent, loyal customers. People will make their decision based on the information you send them. So it is important to ensure that only relevant and necessary information is sent to them so that they don’t hit that unsubscribe button.

Why you should start email marketing?

Before starting anything it is important to learn the benefits of it. Let’s see some advantages of email marketing that will help you find the answer to why you should get into this.

✤ Cost-effective

What is the most important thing that matter to a business, obviously money. Before starting anything we look for the money that it will cost us. The traditional methods of marketing costs a lot of money like printing flexes, putting up banners, all these methods costs a lot. But when it comes to email marketing very less investment is required. To run a successful email marketing campaign, you don’t need huge amount of money; you just need the list of emails of your targeted customers, a basic strategy and the correct tool to start an effective email marketing campaign.

✤ Best platform for communication

It is a well known fact that a huge percentage of world’s population uses email as a means of communication. This provides a huge opportunity to businesses to capitalize on this huge population. A great way to do that is to collect the important information from your potential customers along the subscription process and use it to make the plan of communication with them based on their needs and preferences. If you provide them the relevant information they need, you can retain them as long term customers.

✤ Easy to reach mobile audience

Without a doubt, mobile audience is more in numbers than the desktop audience. So it would be a huge mistake to ignore the smartphone audience. People prefer to access their emails on smartphones as it is more convenient and easy to use the app. So you can utilize this aspect to reach a huge audience and can influence their decision to buy as well. You can use your offline events to enhance your online marketing. If you are conducting any offline event then you can ask the attendees to subscribe to your mailing list. And then according to their needs and preferences you can send them targeted mails.

✤ You are in control

In your email marketing communication, you are in total control of everything. You can

  • design your resources like web forms, landing pages and structure of email.
  • decide the kind of email marketing campaign you want to run.
  • categorize your email list according to the preferences and needs of the customers.
  • In comparison to other channels of marketing where drawing organic traffic is influenced by changing Google algorithms. Email marketing does not have such an issue. You are sending the mails directly to your audience and not waiting for your customers to find your content.  

✤ Precision

When you build your list organically you have to ask the customers to confirm the subscription. This will tell you that they are really interested in receiving your emails and it will also let you know what type of information they want to receive in those emails.  This email list is considered to be a high quality list and it will bring you a better business. You can track the statistics and monitor the results of your email marketing campaign in real time. You can make changes if necessary according to the information that you collected.

✤ Better return on investment (ROI)

Out of all the online marketing media, it is now a fact that email marketing brings better return on investment (ROI). So if you carefully and strategically measure your email marketing activities then you can make sure that you get better return on investment.

✤ Email is an owned medium

There are three categories of digital marketing strategy; paid, earned and owned. Email is an owned medium. It is fully controlled by the business. For instance, you can choose who you want to add and who you want to delete from your mailing list unlike social media platforms where you don’t get to choose your audience. By doing this you can have an organic list of audience. Your mails will reach everyone you send the mails to. No one can take away your leads.

To wrap up

Digital marketing is ‘the’ best method out there to promote your business. And different branches of digital marketing, one of which is email marketing is also very helpful in growing your customer base and hence your business. You can build up those leads and convert them to a loyal customer base using email marketing and that too with very less investment.  

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