Making profits is the life and blood of any business. And to reach this goal, marketing is essential. Although digital marketing has been increasingly gaining prominence in the last few years, the events of 2021 have accelerated its growth. From small to big, all businesses are digitalizing their marketing programs. But this has served them with yet another challenge.

Whether to outsource services or do in-house marketing is one question that troubles many business owners. While in the longer run, it is always better to outsource marketing, in-house marketing does have some benefits. In fact, small businesses usually begin with in-house marketing only.

So, if you are considering it for your business, you need to be thorough with the pros and cons of in-house marketing.

Digital marketing is a set of complex activities. Hence, it requires a particular skillset. However, small businesses that start out with no budget to spare for marketing would need to do it in-house. In fact, regardless of the available funds, some businesses find it better to build an in-house team for marketing instead of hiring some digital agency.

Hence, to find whether in-house marketing is right for your business or not, you need to be thorough with its pros and cons. And we’re here to help you out with that.

Pros and cons of in-house marketing

In-House Marketing

– It’s Pros

Below are some of the advantages of in-house marketing

# Greater control over marketing programme

Many business owners believe that outsourcing marketing services take away from you a substantial degree of control over marketing. And this is true since that’s the whole point of outsourcing marketing services. You leave your marketing worries for the hired agency. However, if you think having major control over the marketing program is crucial for you, you may do it in house. So indeed, when you have an in-house marketing team, you get a greater degree of control over your business’s marketing program.

# Marketing team is dedicated to your business only

Agencies that provide marketing services naturally market for a number of businesses. So apparently, if you hire such an agency, your business won’t be their only concern. On the other hand, your in-house marketing team will be dedicated to your business only. So, depending upon your marketing requirements, if you think you need a team that is solely dedicated to your business all the time, in-house marketing may be a good idea.

# Make real-time adjustments

This is another advantage of having an in-house team for marketing. At points, you may find some issues in your program or might want to make certain changes. In such a case, if you want to make instant adjustments having the marketing team within your immediate reach can be really helpful.

# It can be free of cost

In-house marketing can, to an extent, be free of cost. Social media marketing, YouTube marketing, and the likes are some of the brand promotion practices that can be done without spending any money. In fact, small startups and sole proprietors usually manage marketing without spending on extra resources and personnel.

– It’s Cons

Having talked about benefits, now let’s talk about the disadvantages of in-house digital marketing.

# Hiring expenses

When you create a team for marketing within your business, you’d need to hire professionals in that particular feed. Apparently, this will substantially add to your hiring expenses.

# Training expenses

You could hire the best of marketing professionals but you’d still need to conduct training. It is important for syncing your marketing team with your business. This also ensures that your marketing team is through with your goals and objectives, and works accordingly. Hence, training expenses are inevitable when creating a marketing team.

# Limited resources

Digital marketing agencies have a lot of resources. From marketing tools to personnel, they definitely have more resources available than your own inside marketing team can have. So, this is one disadvantage of this kind of marketing.

# Little exposure

In-house marketing teams generally get little exposure. This is because they are solely dedicated to marketing only your brand and products. It’s good and all for productivity. However, it keeps them from growing as they do not get enough exposure.

# Too much pressure

In-house teams are generally under a lot of work pressure. This is because small and medium businesses have limited funds. As a result, they can’t afford too many marketing employees. And hence, they end up with a team of limited members who are generally overworked.


For a business to sell, survive, and thrive, marketing is important. With digital marketing gaining more prominence than ever, businesses are sorting to it. Hence, whether to do in-house marketing or hire an agency is one decision that businesses find hard to make. If you are considering this, it is crucial to be through with it properly. It has many benefits to offer. You can have more control over the marketing program and make real-time adjustments. Moreover, your team is solely dedicated to your business. In fact, there is some scope for cost-free marketing when you do it in-house. However, on the other hand, in-house marketing causes expenses for various expenses like hiring and training. Furthermore, there is generally limited exposure and resources. Also, it’s teams are often under too much pressure. So, weigh out these pros and cons to find what suits you best.

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