ChatBots are becoming increasingly popular in online business world. In fact, it has become quite a norm now. The use of such Artificial Intelligence has helped businesses generate leads better, drive higher sales and improve overall digital marketing structure. This is the reason why companies are exceedingly inclining towards the use of such bots. If you have or intend to make ChatBots a part of your website, find out top 5 predictions for ChatBot in 2021.

As the name implies, ChatBots are bots (robots) used for chatting. This type of technology employs machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to let users experience a human-like conversation.

Over the last couple of years, internet has dramatically changed the way we connect and communicate. These years have seen the emergence of various modes of communication like email, chatting, video-calling and so on. However, before the introduction of Artificial Intelligence is the field of communication, there used to be humans at both the ends. With ChatBots at one end, businesses save cost on customer assistance services while delivering more efficiency at the same time.

The dynamic nature of digital world calls for the need to stay updated with current trends and foresee those in future.

Top 5 ChatBot trends to watch out for in 2021


1. The use of ChatBots is only going to grow.

Hi there! Can I help you?

You must be familiar with such messages that pop up when you open a business website. Since online businesses have started employing ChatBots, there’s been no turning back. For 2021 and years to comes, one prediction is that use of ChatBots is only going to become mainstream. Because for all the benefits it gives, why not?

2. Less robot, more human.

While you may have come across Chatbots on many websites, not all are as helpful and some of them are there just for the sake of it. One grudge that users have with current ChatBot technology that it is too robot to understand many of the human problems. As a result, many users find their commands misunderstood or not understood at all. Having realised this problem, companies are now seeking for finer AI. Thus, 2021 might see more human, less robot ChatBots.

3. Voice-bots may enter the mainstream.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, voice-bots allow users to navigate IVR system using speaking natural language. You no longer need to press numbers to give commands to the AI. This type of technology not only helps provide your customers a better experience but is also inclusive of specially abled people’s need. Thus, voice-bots are gaining acceptance and are to enter mainstream in future.

4. It’ll become integral for conversation marketing.

Conversation marketing aims at improving customer experience by communicating with them at one-to-one level. However, without using chatbot technology, this can get really expensive. Thus, more and more businesses are turning towards AI powered communication system. As a result, chatbots have become all the more relevant and in future will become integral for conversation marketing.

5. Equipping workspace with conversational AI

ChatBots are not being used just for functions like customer assistance or digital marketing only. Many businesses are sorting to conversational AI technology for communicating with and training employees, executing HR related functions, and so on. The pace with which the use of such technology in workspace is increasing, it is a reasonable assumption that conversational AI in workspaces is only going to increase.

Wrapping up

Conversational Artificial Intelligence has revolutionised the way business industry interacts with customers and functions within the industry itself. Being characteristically dynamic, technology of conversational AI witnesses new trends every succeeding year. Since, it has now become an even more significant part of the business world, it is important to stay updated on present ChatBot trends and logically predict those in future. With our list of 5 top ChatBot trends, you can make sure to stay in the front lines of your industry.

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