Are you seeing low traffic on your website lately? Then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) must be the key to your problem. SEO stands for search engine optimization are basically tactics that people employ to drive more traffic on their website by making their website visible enough to be listed in the top search results. But it does this organically. This is not a paid strategy like SEM or Search engine marketing which a paid strategy to gather website traffic. Anyways, we will be focusing on SEO in this article. And our main domain would be SEO for educational institute’s website. We will try to find out SEO practices for educational institutes that are still relevant in 2021.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, everything has gone online and even before that things were online. But one field has grown on online platform in a huge number and that is educational institutes. Educational institutes are trying to make their online presence just like a business does. With growing number of institutes and them coming up with websites the competition is increasing for top rankings.

Ranking speaks so much about the institute itself. If an institute website’s ranking is low then that sends a wrong message about the quality of the education in that institute. A website having higher ranking attracts a lot of crowd. So it is necessary for educational institutes to upscale their SEO strategies to rank higher in Google search results.

SEO practices for educational institutes

SEO practices for educational institutes

A good SEO strategy is a necessity to any online platform. Then only you can make your site get better ranking. The profile of educational institutes already has the best original content. They are already ahead of the game with new researches and topics being added frequently. So now most of the institutes have the best content the competition is even higher so now the ball is in SEO’s court. Content writers have done their job well. SEO has the responsibility to increase the website’s ranking.  Here are few SEO practices for educational institutes

✿ Run SEO audit

Before doing anything else you need to find out if there is any shortcoming in your website due to lack of good SEO tactics. Because sometimes issues are there but they get backlogged due to negligence. So perform a SEO audit that will help you find what is exactly that is missing in your SEO strategy. Then you can start improving it accordingly

✿ Keyword strategy

Keywords play an important part in website’s performance. If you have the right keywords then it can work very well for your website. So, it is necessary for educational institutes to use keywords that appear on the site time and again or they can be added to the content you are making to make them more visible which will help enhance the ranking. For example, few good keywords for your arts department can be ‘arts degrees’ or ‘English degree courses’

✿ Compliant website

Make sure your website is compliant. You may have the best courses but if you’re website is not search-engine friendly then that wouldn’t matter much. A well optimized website attracts more traffic. Google also like listing friendly websites on search results. Plus another important factor inside this is the mobile version of the website. You need to ensure that your website is mobile friendly as well. As many students are browsing your website in their mobile phone so you need not make the mistake of ignoring them.

✿ Attractive headings

Catchy headlines and sub-headlines attract more eye balls. They should be relevant too. Write brief content under the headings. Have attractive headings for different courses that you are running. Emphasize on the most successful course. And especially show off the number of students who became successful in life after attending your institution which is very important.

✿ Link building

With respect to off-page SEO, you can never ignore link building. Building links means improving inbound links on your website. You can insert link to related articles and blogs. Like you can add a link of a website that gives educational advice services and post relevant content regarding it. But do not forget to check the Domain authority and Page authority of that site before doing anything.

To sum up

It is important for any educational institute to check where they are lacking, why their rankings are low and then work according to that. Because just taking your institute online doesn’t help in anyway. A good marketing strategy is really important in which SEO is an indispensable part and it can’t be ignored. You need to make sure that when a student visits your site by the time he exits it he has made up his mind to take that course of your institute.

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